Bridge To Avalon, Max4ever (3D)


ok, I think that’s the final piece. Thanx again to the wip section for the support and crits.:beer:
details: A matte painting project, I made the landscape in terragen, reconstruction in max, added some 3d ellements, like the bridge, the trees, the grass( i made a tutorial for the grass and you can find it here GRASS TUTORIAL , sorry about the language, I didn’t have time to translate it :frowning: ) , the altar, the stones etc.
then in particle illusion i made some fog and some parts of the waterfall, composite them in photoshop so i can animate them later in after effetcs.
The forest in the background is made in photoshop.
Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.:wink:


Great job. Keep up the great work.



Nice work. I think it could benefit from some darker tones in there, especially in the canyon area, as the depth is lost slightly. The mist/light effects I also feel take away slightly from the impact it could have with a bit more clarity. I’m sure it would hold up pretty well because there is a lot of detail in there. Overall great environment though, I’m just nit-picking.


the first time i’ll meet you i’ll buy u a beer :beer:

great work


Wow, it turned out great, after watching the wip, i’m suprised at how quickly you finished this.

Great work.


“i’m suprised at how quickly you finished this.” :smiley: I haven’t slept for 3 days :stuck_out_tongue:
silv, great to see you here man! :wink:


Great work, man ! … 5 stars from me … :slight_smile:

… now go get some sleep …


That’s awesome! I love landscapes, and man did you nail it! :buttrock:


I haven’t slept for 3 days

Nice to see some passion,
it shows in the work…


cool !!! (Bravo frate esti genial !!!)


wow, plugged
thanx guys! :beer:


wow, this catched my eye really fast, great work.


superb work, I not only enjoy the modelling and composition the feel going on in this scene is pleasant. by the way have any suggestions on matte painting I am wanting to get into it a bit :slight_smile:

O’yeah could you post a wire?


Digital Soap, here is a link from where I learned alot (jasso gave me this one, I owe you man! :wink:
the wire is on the way. :wink:


So it’s 3d? Crazy! It looks very handpainted…good job!



Wow, I love landscape too and I really like this one. Can we see a wire frame of it too please??


KWAK, it’s not all 3d…it’s a composition of 3d and 2d.
oxyg3n , sure.


Very beautiful Design and concept…I reallY really want to go there.





This is truely one of those images that are true eye-candy!

I have set it as my wallpaper just to inspire me cos there is so much to look at!

Truely excellent work Please keep them coming!!