Brian Baxter Showreel 2010


Hi guys,
This is my first go at CG Showreel:- (Right click save link as)

Full Res Link
Vimeo Link

I’m looking for a generalist/modelling position. All work including modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering by myself. All crits are very much welcome!



Awesome stuff,

great reel


I agree,especially the first character.


Wow you have a potential character modeling skill. Can go some game company looking for character modeling job~


Fantastic showreel - can definately see a lot of effort has gone into the giant model. I like the animation on the robot bug too - have you animated anything else or considering doing some more? It’s always a treat to see good animations on awesome character models.


Amazing job!


omar3d, Nightkrawler xo, adlas, Aben-Athar: Thanks for the comments guys its very much appreciated!

Collision Chaos: Thanks mate, I haven’t done a huge amount of character animation but I definitely wouldn’t mind doing some more, its alot of fun.


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