Brexit threatens the UK’s creative industries


‘We can take it almost anywhere’Leading lights from the fastest growing area of the economy say it relies on freedom of movement and, without access to overseas talent, it will wither


The Guardian is a divisive and miserable rag. It runs on handouts and subsidies because it it peddles misery and division - normal folk are sick of it and rightly so. The readership is in freefall. It is a national joke in the UK, on par with The Sun.

Britain will operate like many of the other wonderful and open countries around the world. If you have the talent, skills, work ethic and appreciation of our culture, come on over, we would love to do business with you. If you don’t have what we want, still come and visit us, we have great tourist attractions, and we hope to visit and do business with you too.

It really is as simple as that. Anything else is just SJW drama, tears and tantrums.


If you listen to the media then Brexit is the Apocalypse and so is Catalonia’s desire to be independent and leave the EU…


I can’t speak on Brexit but I can say the numbers I am getting for Character Artist in games are coming back so low from the region that its no longer a matter of how can The US compete but how on earth are artist able to sustain a living. I’m talking salaries in the range of 1/3rd 1/4th the pay of US studios, maybe some are the exception but the quality of work being done on many occasions is comparative.

Can any UK artist here chime in on the state of the industry for mid level artists? If the studios are getting tax incentives and paying half as much for talent I wouldn’t blame any studio for running towards the cash grab. but if studios are saving shouldn’t that cost be passed on in part to the artists? freelancing for 6 months out of the year for gigs in The US sounds like a much better solution than working year round for half of what my US counterpart is making.


If studios are saving, then the profits should go to the founders and those that are able to find the work to drive revenue through the studio. The artists are just grinders and should be treated as such, correct?


No Idea, but some of the best CGI-artists I know of are Polish and the UK is always ranting, mostly tongue in cheek, about the Poles “Coming over here and stealing ‘Our’ jobs”. This is for jobs where their presence is necessary though. I don’t know about games and films, but you can do work all over the world thanks to broadband-internet. I think a lot of CG work gets “Shipped-out” to China anyway which is probably another thing that will bite us in the arse. Short-term gains due to cheap global-trade has ruined many industries.

There are people for Brexit and there are people against it. Both groups think that they are correct. I struggle to comprehend how either party can be so sure about the situation. I draw parallels with religious-groups. Each religious-group thinks that it is they that are correct despite millions of people disagreeing and believing something else entirely. It is with this parallel that I wonder if both groups are wrong and that the EU will collapse within 5 years anyway. In history, no union has ever lasted and capitalism, on which the EU is based, is known to be unsustainable.
Germany is doing well at the moment only because other nations are buying their cars. However, those other nations, particularly the UK, can’t actually afford those cars. Everything is on credit. So even the predicament of the strongest EU member is uncertain. Then there are the Italian banks that are about to go bust. The massive unemployment in Spain…
I think a Brexit might be a good thing because it is better to solve a problem sooner than later when the shit has already hit the fan.
People seem to get work visas for Australia and America just fine.
Mundane stories have no money associated with them, everything needs to be controversial.
There was mass-panic about the “millennium-bug”, perhaps Brexit will have the same anti-climax.

Lots of the creative industries in the USA went bust long before Brexit was even a thing…
People need to blame something even if it had nothing to do with it.
Also, what about the 2008 housing crisis? “The magical EU” didn’t prevent that and that is just a precursor to something much bigger. Whether we are in the EU or not is irrelevant to what is coming.


it’s been a few years since i went there and back again and cost of living may well have changed significantly in the meantime but a mid level character artist in the UK should be in a bracket of around 30-45k pounds base salary. that’s pretty comparable to white collar income in that country when you match age ranges and experience/education requirements.
the industry in the UK is located all over and does not concentrate in particularly high-cost-of-living areas.


The Guardian is committed to a “globalist” ideology so the idea of nation states (at least in the West-I think Japan and China are safe for now) is anathema to its publishers.

Nations should have their own domestic cultural production.

England had an independent film industry from the 1950s to 1970 or thereabouts but then it collapsed and from what I gather it was mainly due to the UK government being partial to Hollywood majors and allowing it to dominate UK cinemas. This monopoly control is something the major Hollywood studios (Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox) actively sought (Disney was originally an American founded company but now it is the flagship company for globalism). They do not want competition.

There have been SPFX minded British film people–the Andersons come to mind. They weren’t just servicing Hollywood but doing their own domestic productions.


[quote=]Think of the brilliant young creative from, say, France, who comes here, does a bit of bar work to pay the rent, works his way up freelancing in
his field, and five years later is a star …[/quote]…and gets fired in year 7 because of his burnout and the lax worklaws britain has in place…
sorry can’t resist. I’m all against brexit, but this “become a star” bullshit hit a few nerves