Brekel Kinect v2 videos


I just saw that it only supports windows 8, not 7…too bad :frowning:


The reason for Win8 is actually USB3 drivers from as far as I can gather.

On Win7 the USB3 drivers were coded by the manufacturers and as it turns out many are fairly unstable when it comes to transferring close to the maximum bandwidth.

On Win8 Microsoft now includes a completely rewritten USB3 stack which can handle the bandwidth required by the sensor in a stable manner.


Subscriptions/Rentals are a cancer on the software industry. We no longer own our software. It’s really frustrating.


The more they move towards rental-only, the easier they make my software decisions - Open Source! I use Lightwave and Modo - they go rental-only and I start seriously learning Blender.

Windows is scheduled to go rental-only (ie. subscription) I believe by Windows 10. So I will be using the last ownable version of Windows and be learning Linux. Hopefully much of the software I use will end up being on Linux - if not, I switch software.

I will always say NO to rental-only software.


Unfortunately with so few players (software developers), they can dictate the industry. Autodesk has a stranglehold on the 3D market, Adobe on the 2D market, and Foundry mostly on the compositing end. As long as studios use these, artists that want to work at these studios have to put up with it…


Honestly, it is like going back in time to a serf economy. With Microsoft considering the move to a rental only OS, we’ll have come full circle, and the digital serf economy will be upon us.

And here I was thinking the web was supposed to be a liberating environment to support freedom in what we do. Currently big telecom and the big software companies are continuously lobbying for less and less freedom, and forcing more and more users in becoming digital serfs.

Well, good luck with that. I will never rent my software. Hail the rebellion - hail open source.


To bring the thread back on topic…

I agree and the Brekel applications are NOT subscription/rental based.


Does v2 still support the old kinects? Can brekel be used for characters doing motions on the side view like boxing? Also is there a sample fbx output to test?

Sorry just read the FAQ. Only supports the new kinects.


No prob :slight_smile:

Yes v2 is for v2 sensors only, they provide very different (and much more) raw data than the previous generation Kinects.
Rather than compromise to support both I opted for rewriting the apps to specifically take use of all the v2’s power.

The software will automatically try to estimate joint positions for ones that aren’t directly visible for that frame, and will also fill in any gaps during export. However in general the more data you can feed the algorithm the more accurate it can be.

So for boxing you may want to punch towards or at a 45 degree angle from the sensor and then simply rotate your character skeleton afterwards.


Hi Brekel,
I have a question about Pro Face v2.
Since the new Kinect has more precision, then would it be possible to add eye lids and eyes tracking to Pro Face 2?
Since Faceshift is rental only, then your app really is the only option for me, but Faceshift has more morph targets than Pro Face 1 and I’m thinking that maybe with Kinect 2 you could increase the amount of facial features tracked? Can it be done?



Jasper; what do you think about the kinect v2? You got to be one of the very few kinect experts around here so it would be cool to hear your thoughts about it.

The reason I ask is because since I got the new kinect I don’t really know what to do with it, besides using it with your awesome software, which is reason enough to get it, but still. =) Also, except for the face tracking software, will you develop anything else for the new kinect?


@suvakas Pro Face 2 is still quite early in development.
As it seems now eye blinks is definitely possible, but I’m not sure yet on eyelids and eye gaze.


@Sthu: Oh I’m sure there are more experts out there, but yes I’ve been using it since the very early beginning :slight_smile:

I think the v2 sensor is a great successor to the v1, both in hardware and software.

It uses a different depth sensing technology (Time of Flight instead of Structured Light) which has the advantage that now every pixel gets a depth reading instead of just per-cluster.
On the other hand it also does mean it has different noise and distortion characteristics that can vary a bit more on different surface materials.
So it’s not better/worse but mainly different. (although it does offer 2-3 times the raw depth resolution than v1)

Since Apple bought the company behind the v1 depth sensor (PrimeSense) and discontinued that immediately after (including the OpenNI drivers/SDK) it’s also good that the v2 sensor is now developed by Microsoft themselves. Giving better opportunities for future development.

Compared to other TOF sensors from for example Intel Senz3D, SoftKinetic, Panasonic, SwissRanger PMD it has a much much higher resolution.
Thanks to the massive numbers of XBox One gamers development of better hardware is possible at consumer level pricing.

Besides Pro Face 2 I’m experimenting with multi-sensor setups which seem promising but will need quite a bit more work on easy to use and robust calibration and data fusion algorithms.


can we use 2 or more kinects to get a bigger capture area?


Looking forward to Pro Face 2. That multi kinect version sounds epic, it will be very interesting to see what you can get out of it.

Thanks for the answers, feels good to be in kinect land.


@nvn multi-kinect has come up on page one of this thread.
I am experimenting with it in both the context of enlarging the area as well as filling in occlusions, currently in internal pre-alpha.

Also here’s some additional info from the FAQ:

Does this software support multiple sensors on the same machine?

In fact this is a hardware limitation.
Due to the high bandwidth requirements of the sensor the limiting factor is the PCI bus speed of most computers.

Does this software support multiple sensors on multiple machines?

I am experimenting with this (you can find some posts about it in the blog) but this is currently in an internal pre-alpha state.
Keep an eye on this webpage and social media streams for future announcements if/when this will become an add-on module.

However all Brekel software has a “Record Triggering” feature which allows synced recording across multiple apps on one or more machines.
So yes you can record simultaneously using multiple sensors, but the software doesn’t automatically fuse the data.


Are you still supporting old version of Pro Face?
Would it be possible to add eye blinks to old version too or is the old Kinect too limited?
I just noticed, that Kinect 2 is for Win8 only. :sad:



Yes the old Kinect v1 tools will stay available and supported.

I’ve tried blink/eye tracking before but it proved to be too unstable with the low quality video available on the v1 sensor unfortunately.

The reason why the v2 sensor’s drivers are Win8 only is due to USB3 stability.

The drivers need the completely rewritten USB 3.0 stack from Windows 8/8.1 provided by Microsoft.
With Windows 7 USB 3.0 support was left to the manufacturers and high bandwidth devices prove to be too unstable.


Gotcha. Thanks for the info.



A small example showing Brekel Kinect v2 data and Ikinema are a good match: