Breast Rigging


not sure about what do you mean , but you can restrict jiggle deformer to a bone (in the restriction tab).
and you don’t have to 100% follow the steps of the other app , each app has its own workflow , in maya and max the cloth system handle stuff that is related to volumes , but in c4d you have to use the soft body dynamics.


Like i said earlier, Jiggle bones and Collision deformer don’t give the level of realism and quality.
Inertia, gravity, (self)collision with volume preservation is whats needed.

Softbodies seems to be the only way , but i fail to connect softbodies to anything else, which is neccessary.
Thats the only missing link for me.

The question : is it just my lack of knowledge or is Cinema limited in that regard.


I have found a working method :slight_smile: (tested )
use muscle object to have the bouncy look when move and have gravity effect . (add the Mskin below the skin object ) .
and add below the Mskin collision deformer(set collision mode to outside , and falloff to collider ) , and add colliders to it .
and finally add a jiggle deformer below the collision deformer to get some extra bounces and nicer look .
adjust the settings to get the result you are after .


Dont suppose you have a working scene to share?

With what your saying does a collision from one side bulge out the opposite side as if it was filled with water? From the set up you describe your using the Muscle objects own physics, with Jiggle on top of that, but unlike softbody, the physics of course for the muscle works on rigged characters, nice one.



it is super simple scene , and I made it too much jiggly so the effect becomes more clear ,
@Rectro I think if my mesh is a closed volume and I used the collision deformer with collider set outside (volume ) I will get the effect you described (haven’t test this yet )
and another thing is I don’t think I am using the muscle in the correct way , but at least it is working :slight_smile:


here is another sample(with adjusted settings ) to solve some weird results …
please let me know what do you think , and if you have any ideas to improve the result share them :slight_smile:
just for the sake of education xd


Thanks maliohammad. I think this is another step in the right direction.


you are welcome :slight_smile:
I have found a way to use soft body with animated objects (character ) , but I have to do some tests and fine tune it before I share it :smiley:


maliohammad. I changed some Parameters in your set up.

Collison Deformer/Object Tab: a Curve. This gives a volume preserving effect and it seems some inertia.

Collision Deformer/Advanced Tab: lowered the size to 0.05 (less “Phantom Room” between collision object and collider)

Jiggle Deformer: I added gravity -9.8.

Check it out with the muscle activated and without. I think both are good starting points to get better results.


nice results , I think decreasing the radius of collider effect in the collision deformer will give nicer results .
and I added a delay effector (change mode to points ) to give it more of a relaxed look .


cool thread! :slight_smile: maliohammad, the last version is not bad at all… i’m eager to see how you managed to use soft bodies within a rig!


thanks ,
well , I can use soft bodies with rig , but simply the result of soft bodies is worst and slower than the technique above , and you will need to use proxy object then transfer there animation to the main character which is time consuming and don’t worth it ,

for any one wondering how to animate objects with soft bodies , then answer is : use connectors .
using connector (fixed mode ) …
create a sphere and apply soft bodies to it , then add another sphere and make it smaller and snap it to one of the soft body sphere (the point which will be controlling point ) and add a collider tag to it ,
then create the connector and change its mode to fixed , link the 2 objects and make sure ignore collision is active (it is active by default , but just in case ) , now group all of the 3 objects with a null object .
then link the null to a joint , or animate the null object directly (don’t animate the collider , animate the null object , so you don’t get some position problem when you reset the timeline ) .
and you can link the animation to the object maybe with mesh deformer or anything else …
if you want to get some jiggly effect with soft body , you ave to enable aerodynamics , but IMO using the technique with deformers give much much better results .


thanks for the info ^^

fiddled around a bit with your setup and tweaked some settings, think it really works pretty well. :slight_smile:

the only issue is if you have a nipple, but my idea here would be to model the breast with even geometry and do the nipples via sub-poly displacement…


here’s another one with a nippleless breast and slightly different settings…


nice results that you have , but the first scene (with nipples ) looks so much jiggly .
for me I would prefer to add the effect to a mesh without nipples then project the results to the one with nipples .
or as you described , use displacement map (hope it don’t effect the calculation , even so , we can cache it :D)
or we can use the object with nipples , but give the nipples less weight so it woo look stiffer and more realistic .


And another Version. Delay/Effector/Mode: Spring. And some other variations in the parameters.


nice work , but the collision effect is too much that it is hiding the nipples which every one love to see …xd


maliohammad: Yes the parameters needs tweaking.

You tried something with connected soft bodies. Very interesting. Maybe it makes sense to explore this path a little bit further.

Is it to much to ask, what you got so far (example file)?


another issue to think about: what if the breasts required to be squeezed together, so they have to collide with each other?


hello ,
I have just spend more time with soft bodies , and it gave me a better result than what I expected , you have to adjust soft body settings in the scene , I left them with the default values . just put the null object under the joint you want to link it to , also you can create some user data to make modifying the rig easier .
the only thing left is to link the resulting effect to the original mesh , because with this technique you can’t apply the effect to the whole mesh , maybe the mesh deformer or another deformer will do the job …
I am very busy at the moment , but I will give you some Ideas to work on (and please keep me updated with what you get :smiley: )
use the soft bodies will give you the self collision option(and the breast sqeeze) , but you will have to explore the technique further more …
or you can use the old method , and put a thin cube collider between the breast (which will give you a good result if the boobs pushed symmetrically )
or use some proxy object and link them to points in the main object using expresso or python , then use the as a collider for the collision deformer .
another Idea is to use the cloth engine to get the self collision effect (but without Gravity or wind ! ) .
and finally you can to use the push apart effector on the mesh , and see if is help .
those are the Ideas in my mind , but I don’t have time to test them and further explore them , so I will pass this for you guys …
best regards .