Breast Rigging


it’s just the collision deformer, and actually it intersects, but when i added in an invisible cube between the breast which moves in place when the breasts are squeezed together there was always a gap left between them, so i removed it again, actually looks more natural with that small intersection. also i have some spheres inside the breasts and another collision deformer set to inside, which prevents the boobs from collapsing into the body in horizontal pose.

here’s the file without textures (too large)…


Thank you everfresh.
You can split your mesh in left and right. Double your mesh incl. all tabs, make a polygon selection and delete one side and the same for the other side (mesh optimize for both operations). Then you can make the left side to a collider for the right side and vice versa. Maybe you get the squeezing this way - by changing the parameters. If left and right Breasts are separate you can also collide them separately without a somewhat strange reaction for the other side (if they are only one mesh).


have any one tried to use the soft body method ?


I looked at your File with softbodies. To me it seems promising. But I have not found a way to drive the original mesh with the softbody animation yet.


BTW is this for some sort of porno animation? Seems like an awful lot of fuss to go to. Looking forward to the penis rigging question. No doubt rigid hard body dynamics will be required :wink:


Have you ever seen a hentai? rigging those tentacles must be hard work… no pun intended. Oh, and doing fluids in Cinema without plugins, that would be a challenge.


" doing fluids in Cinema without plugins," please never think about it … you will only waste your time .
you can use naive effex, X-particles , TurbuleneFd .


it’s all about the love for the boob, ermmh… rigging knowledge i think :wink:


maliohammad or ryusaki or everfresh: do you know a way, how to drive a target mesh with the soft bodies/dynamics/animation?


usually with a mesh deformer. you could add a restriction tag to it and drop in a vertex map of the breast area that needs to be deformed… not sure if and how we’ll this would work though. or you could once again use a collision deformer. if i can find some free time today i’ll run some tests…


works just fine with the mesh deformer… :slight_smile:

just a matter of tweaking the softbody settings now…


involved some pressure (makes them bigger as well :wink: ), adjusted bounce and friction and upped the iterations and steps per frame in the projects dynamics settings…

edit: uploading the file doesn’t work for me right now… i’ll try again later…

edit2: still doesn’t work somehow, here’s a wetransfer link:

edit 3: tweaked it a bit more and added some colliders to prevent the boobs from intersecting with the chest area … to me the deformer solution looks more natural… but if you’re aiming for silicone filled fake boobs the soft body solution is perfect i think :wink: the squeezing works quite well and it’s also pretty stable… the only thing that happens from time to time is that the boobs get stuck together when squeezing them.
one thing to keep in mind when you’re adding it to your own mesh is that the deformer cage (in that case the meshes with the soft body dynamics applied to them) needs to be outside your mesh (like… you guessed it, a cage) for it to work… the points that are not to have an effect on the mesh can be inside though…


Great! Thank you very much!


Gelatine plugin? :slight_smile:


nice job
can u upload here new that file ,wasnt on that site any more


there you go…


best thread title ever


i don’t see any attachments, what’s the problem?


probably because of the recent forum software update…

here’s a link to collision deformer version and also the softbody version…


Only just seen this thread. Not disappointed…