Breast Rigging


nice work , but the collision effect is too much that it is hiding the nipples which every one love to see …xd


maliohammad: Yes the parameters needs tweaking.

You tried something with connected soft bodies. Very interesting. Maybe it makes sense to explore this path a little bit further.

Is it to much to ask, what you got so far (example file)?


another issue to think about: what if the breasts required to be squeezed together, so they have to collide with each other?


hello ,
I have just spend more time with soft bodies , and it gave me a better result than what I expected , you have to adjust soft body settings in the scene , I left them with the default values . just put the null object under the joint you want to link it to , also you can create some user data to make modifying the rig easier .
the only thing left is to link the resulting effect to the original mesh , because with this technique you can’t apply the effect to the whole mesh , maybe the mesh deformer or another deformer will do the job …
I am very busy at the moment , but I will give you some Ideas to work on (and please keep me updated with what you get :smiley: )
use the soft bodies will give you the self collision option(and the breast sqeeze) , but you will have to explore the technique further more …
or you can use the old method , and put a thin cube collider between the breast (which will give you a good result if the boobs pushed symmetrically )
or use some proxy object and link them to points in the main object using expresso or python , then use the as a collider for the collision deformer .
another Idea is to use the cloth engine to get the self collision effect (but without Gravity or wind ! ) .
and finally you can to use the push apart effector on the mesh , and see if is help .
those are the Ideas in my mind , but I don’t have time to test them and further explore them , so I will pass this for you guys …
best regards .


Great! Thank You very much!


you are welcome :slight_smile:


really a cool idea with the connector :thumbsup:

did some further tests with the deformer solution, with a proper low poly mesh which would work good in animation… if i squeezed the boobs further together the mesh pops through the collider, due to it not having enough geometry for the collision deformer to work with. tried to change the hierarchy to have the mesh deformer effect the sds instead of the actual geometry, and although it works it gives unpredictable weird results with fast motions… so i ended up with the original hierarchy again. it has it’s limits, but for the most part this is a very usable solution. thanks again for coming up with this, i had more fun playing with it than i’d like to admit :wink:

here’s a video of the boobs in action:


very nice , which method did you use to make the boobs collide with each other ?


Thanks. Very nice.Would you share the file?


it’s just the collision deformer, and actually it intersects, but when i added in an invisible cube between the breast which moves in place when the breasts are squeezed together there was always a gap left between them, so i removed it again, actually looks more natural with that small intersection. also i have some spheres inside the breasts and another collision deformer set to inside, which prevents the boobs from collapsing into the body in horizontal pose.

here’s the file without textures (too large)…


Thank you everfresh.
You can split your mesh in left and right. Double your mesh incl. all tabs, make a polygon selection and delete one side and the same for the other side (mesh optimize for both operations). Then you can make the left side to a collider for the right side and vice versa. Maybe you get the squeezing this way - by changing the parameters. If left and right Breasts are separate you can also collide them separately without a somewhat strange reaction for the other side (if they are only one mesh).


have any one tried to use the soft body method ?


I looked at your File with softbodies. To me it seems promising. But I have not found a way to drive the original mesh with the softbody animation yet.


BTW is this for some sort of porno animation? Seems like an awful lot of fuss to go to. Looking forward to the penis rigging question. No doubt rigid hard body dynamics will be required :wink:


Have you ever seen a hentai? rigging those tentacles must be hard work… no pun intended. Oh, and doing fluids in Cinema without plugins, that would be a challenge.


" doing fluids in Cinema without plugins," please never think about it … you will only waste your time .
you can use naive effex, X-particles , TurbuleneFd .


it’s all about the love for the boob, ermmh… rigging knowledge i think :wink:


maliohammad or ryusaki or everfresh: do you know a way, how to drive a target mesh with the soft bodies/dynamics/animation?


usually with a mesh deformer. you could add a restriction tag to it and drop in a vertex map of the breast area that needs to be deformed… not sure if and how we’ll this would work though. or you could once again use a collision deformer. if i can find some free time today i’ll run some tests…


works just fine with the mesh deformer… :slight_smile:

just a matter of tweaking the softbody settings now…