Breast Rigging



is this possible with C4D?

Thank You in Advance


Given that nobody here is going to watch two and a half hours of video to answer your question, can you be a bit more specific?

Can c4d make boobs with physics? Yes.


I dont know, maybe I can find time to watch two and a half hours of 3D boobies… you know, in the name of knowledge :smiley:


Yes. In the name of knowledge. It’ a pure educational thing

Okay it is a long Tutorial. But when you want to realize „realistic“ selfc ollisions of a character in 3d, than it is worth to watch the Tutorial. At least the best of its kind I found on the Web.

For example look at 1:37:57. I’m very impressed how real it looks. In C4D we have no nCloth or comparable Parameters in the cloth simulation. Even with the Jiggle Deformer, soft bodies or the collision deformer I will not get these results – sure, I’m not a Pro, but I tried a little bit.

Following the tutorial I came to a stop because of the limitations in the cloth simulation possibilities that C4D offers.


I wouldnt consider cloth simulation for this at all, I get the feeling that the author uses cloth because thats the best tool he has available, not particularly because its the best tool for the job… Something like this should be possible with c4d’s soft bodies.


Yeah, FOR KNOWLEDGE! Come on people, let’s watch this video. Who’s with me! :scream:


I would think the Jiggle deformer is ideal for bouncing boobs.


Agree, the jiggle deformer is perfect for any flesh that needs to jiggle, and whats more it dont take over 2 hours to setup, there is a character that comes with C4D that uses it. Maybe worth trying a Mesh deformer plus softbody with a vertext map for weighting. Have the cage mesh to have less geometry, no polls e.c.t, and have that cage mesh a child of the character so it follows along but has a more consistant jiggle.

Not perfect example but you get the workings (see file attached)



I have already watched this tutorial (and some of his others) and i would not want to try this (again) in C4d.
Its a complex Breast Rig, which can be animated per hand(simple bones), per jiggle bones and with full (self) collision and physics.
The first part is easy, the second part is still easy, the last thing might be impossible.

Here is the collision based system in action:
(obviously its NSFW)

He recreates the shape(s) of the breast as a closed N-cloth mesh inside of the body mesh. Then he attaches the backside of it to the chest bone so it moves with the upper body.
He then applies the physics and transfers the movement of the cloth mesh to the body(breast) mesh.

Sounds simple and logical in principle but my guess is that Maya’s N-cloth system is much more in-depth than what Cinema offers. There are various ways of conserving the internal volume and the general shape and more ways to config and debug the system.

Someone with much more knowledge than me should come along and tell us what really can be done with Cinema since i am a bad rigger and i am just doing this for fun.
I tried not to long ago to build a decent breast rig, but the result of trying to make them collide where aesthetically horrifying and the constant failing made me quit in frustration.


Hahaha. I thought Matthew’s comment was pretty good then I got a real laugh out of this one. You know 3D rigging does involve a fair amount of physics knowledge. I think you can claim this is “in the name of science” and “more accurate boobery,” should you be so inclined.

Although arguably watching 2.5 hours of real porn and bouncing boobies will give you real-world data points which can be tracked and modeled. Perhaps there’s an X rated game developer who suits up their actors in those greenscreen sensor suits and has actual data for you guys. CGTalk: here for each other.


We need a forum that is nothing but moderator-approved “trophy posts”, to live among other trophy posts in perpetuity. This is one of those posts.


Here is a simple setup with jiggle and collision deformers.


@unsergio perfect, got the settings just right there. I added another version to this file, one which is using the likely topology in the case of the OP. The problem area will always be the nipple, hence why a mesh deformer may have to be used to approximate the whole form equally.



@Rectro Nice one. Rising up the Collision/Advanced/Stretch up to 200 seems to solve better the nipple area behavior.


Is there a way to attach a soft-body mesh to an bone or other mesh?
Whatever i tried didn’t work.


Thank you for your Ideas!


Unsergio and Rectro. Thanks for your Files. Do you see a way to preserve the volume in your set ups?
You realized the jiggle effect and the deforming. But to me it seems the deforming comes out as an indenting. In “real Life” you would have a bulging effect - keeping the volume.


Ryusaki. Same experience here. What ever I tried, was horrible. Agree: Maya’s nCloth seems to offer way more possibilities. And maybe this is the reason, that I never saw anything as real as the author of the tutorial achieved in C4D. And I’m also not an experienced rigger. So it also could be that I am at the limits of my knowledge about what is possible with C4D.


Unsergio and Rectro. Not only preserving bulging or keeping the volume. If you move your interact object from left to right, to create a collison, there is no moving of the breast to the right: Just indenting and jiggling an the dynamics of gravity.
If these two Problems are solved we would get near to what the author of the Tutorial achieved. But there is more


I wonder how Cactus Dan’s response to this thread would have been. But he passed away. Sad enough. He had some solutions to this theme. And maybe he would have developed a plugin
nCloth-like for C4D.
May he rest in peace