Breaking Bad Portrait WIP


Hello peeps,

Starting a new project, gonna make a 3D portrait of Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. I like the character and thought I’d test out my 3D skills on him. I started a WIP thread for those who wish to follow the progress and also offer critique…

Reference sculpt

:::::::::::::::::Latest Update:::::::::::::::::::


Topology is done :slight_smile: He’s still symmetrical though… I’ll make his unsymmetrical features in mudbox…


Update: Displacement + basic skin


Update :smiley:


Tweaked the eyes and skin a little bit. Trying to get the best results…


this is so cool, how do I achieve such renders?


The textures are looking awesome!
Can´t wait for the hairs and beard - do you have planned how you’ll realize them?


@Sektor13 Thanks! You’ll have to be more specific with your question though… I might do a “making of” if people ask…

@laber Wow, I’ve been struggling for a week now trying to master the hairs, I don’t have any expensive plugin like hairfarm so I’m playing with hair&fur, trying to get a photorealistic look, but it’s very challenging, whatever I try it doesn’t hold up to the photoreal standard… But I think I’m getting closer now. Oh boy I wish I had hairfarm… :smiley:


Mh, that sounds like a challege! If nothing helps you could try to add/paint the hair in Photoshop or Gimp.

I wish you luck. :slight_smile:


This is looking awesome. Keep it up!


This is looking Awesome! The modeling and texturing is spectacular!

Other than the lack of hair, the only tiny detail that seems off to me is the crevasse of the area between the middle of the nose and the middle of the upper lip, (philithrum) could be slightly deeper. Also, the area just below the edge in the middle of the lower lip should have a slight depression causing a shadow similar to the example here.

This is truly inspirational, I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with this.


Hey guys! Thanks for the input and BryanWalther thanks for the crit :smiley:

Here’s an update test render+comp in PS, I’m almost done but I’m still not satisfied with the mustache and some other minor details so I’m still working on it… Any advice is welcome


I’m finished guys, I’m really satisfied how it ended up looking! Any comment and critique is welcome and will be posting it soon to the gallery.


Nothing to critique from my side: It looks awesome! Great work on the hair - how did you end up making it?


This is fantastic!!! Did you use zbrush to sculpt? how do you export your displacement maps? Which file types do you use? the skin detail is phenomenal


@Laber I did it with hair and fur and the vrayhair material. Just loads of trial and error, the hairs took the longest to make for that reason. The model and the textures on the head itself were completed after 3 days… Also post-work helped a great deal, curves and levels, color correction, the usual stuff. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

@JBeezy Thanks! :slight_smile: I’ve sculpted the details with Mudbox, exported displacement map as a 32bit EXR map and set it up using vraydisplacementmod.


Ahh Mudbox! Darn haha, thanks for the response. Sorry to hear your piece got rejected. I dont think it should of been rejected!


I’m surprised this was rejected (and I’m one of the people who votes on submissions). Your lighting could be a little more interesting, and I think your skin shader is a little too much like stone, but it’s still a good piece.

Sometimes those of us voting are as surprised by the outcomes as you guys are.


Thanks for the response Leigh, I appreciate it and I was wondering what someone from the staff would have to say. It seems everyone is surprised by it being rejected, I really have no clue what the reason is, I’ve gotten nothing but very positive feedback from people, some even suggesting it deserves a cg choice award… I am not trying to judge the decision of the staff but am just surprised to be honest, wasn’t expecting this one to be rejected :shrug:


This is my first post in CGsociety. I’m 19 years old and still a college student studying 3D Animation. I must say that this the kind of work that always inspire me and I made this post just to thank you for your simply amazing work and to wish you the best in your career as a 3D artist. Respect and congratulations from Greece! :thumbsup: