BreakDance V.2



My previous post about this WIP can be found here. I’m challenging myself to do a realistic animation involving a break dance.

After taking a short hiatus, I’ve gone back and tweeked this animation exercise.

Again, any critiques are welcome.

Thanks a lot.



No comments? Ok…


well right now theres alot going on and im at work so i dont have the time to step thru and give u the comprehensive crit that this piece needs. however i would suggest since your looking for crits to post this in your old thread, since you have a whole bunch of people that have already subscribed to that thread in the first place.

i would say just from taking a look at it briefly that you need to go seriously work your blocking because right now you have too much crap interpolating thru the scene and floating up ur entire animation. once u get ur blocking solid and ur poses reading, go into a breakdown phase where you keep the animation stepped and start adding in-between key poses and then break those down further to where your keying up your arcs . always keep your timing in mind when you move from blocking to breakdowns.


Thanks for your comments. I see what you mean now. There are a lot of places that need to be sped up and keyframes changed. I’ll keep chugging on…



I would agree with the post above that you should go back and re-block it out. Get your timing right before you smooth it out. Also I would get rid or the camera movement and the spot light. I don’t really see the need for them at this stage. If you really want them then put them in when your animation is solid. I think that the last flip at the end is the best part of the animation but it needs to be faster. If you have reference look at it again and if you don’t you should really look for some videos on the web. Its getting better keep it up.


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