Bravery! doughty! heroical! , rui dai (3D)


Title: Bravery! doughty! heroical!
Name: rui dai
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello guys!!

This is my lastest work. Bruce Willis is my idol; I want to create his visualize, Bravery! doughty! justicial! heroical! but i lack of his picture, make it just only for expression.

I used 3DSMAX9.0,ZBrush, PS , render with mentalray.

Have a nice day and thanks for your comments.

hope you like it.

Thanks !!!


thats impressive my friend

very good keep it up

great work


wow awesome job here! congratulations。:bounce:


very nice work :wink:


very very very nice!




Great work, its nice to see a face that doesn’t look like a wax work due to over the top sss.


Fatastic work, but his eyes are difrent dont recognize Bruce. But the rest of the face looks great


Very nice work, I love the clothing.


IMPRESSIVE is the right word … very good job!

GrtZ, Tim


I think yipee kiyay sums this up nicely.


Great job! It doesn’t look exactly like him, but I could still tell who it was straight away - so it must be pretty close :slight_smile: Love the texture work on his clothing! Superb!


Phenomenal Work! Inspiring stuff.


Great work keep it up.


awesome work !


Thanks for your comments. Thanks my friends.


Very Realistic and beautiful work! love the skin texture:love:


good started

very good work i like it 2 much but
hes need more work bec he is not look like the artest %100

good luck 4 ever :bounce:


Nice work :beer:
your skin looks a little bit plastic .


YIIPPPEEE KA-YAY MotherFantastic work mate…


like game model.