Brain Tower, Kazuhiko Nakamura (3D)


Title: Brain Tower
Name: Kazuhiko Nakamura
Country: Japan
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This work is remake of my old work “The Tower of Beetle”.
“The Tower of Beetle” was made ten years ago.
I was interested how to change a past vision by my imagination now.
And I newly added taste of the German expressionism such as Dr.Caligari and Nosferatu.

Modeled and rendered with Shade, ZBrush (Man’s face model)
The composition, the tonal correction and the background
were made with Photoshop.

Hope you will like it!


Fantastic work :thumbsup:


One word: Fantastic :bowdown:


Extraordinary! i admire your work!


Excellent work, great efforts!


Good work, I realy like the whole idea of this and nicely done


oh my god what is that he is very amazing detalis i like it 2 much

5***** from me & i vote 4 u :bowdown:

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


That’s awesome!! … I love the details and the design … Well done


Fantastic design, an excellent job overall.


Awesome modeling! Really like the details.




Cool Work !


absolutely incredible man! The detail is amazing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Fantastic work !! :eek:


Salvador Dali meets the Tower of Babel…sweet.


Amazing and impresive work!

Keep up great job!


Great modeling and composition !
Very cool.:applause:


great work:love:


Excellent work.I realy love the details.


This is fantastic! It’s so rare to see surreal artwork like this in 3D, so it’s really refreshing to see this today. My only real crit is that the speculars overall are perhaps a little too uniformly broad - some tighter highlights here and there would have added an additional layer of interest.

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