Brain Synapses Best Way


I am trying to make a Brain that has synapses firing off of it. The brain is modeled but I am not sure if I should use pflow to make this happen. Also all the tutorials I have found have to do with smoke and fire/explosions. I am looking for more electricity effect.It also needs to emit some sort of light i would think. Kind of like the opening to fight club.


Perhaps make a copy of the brain object, use a push modifier on it so it gets expanded slightly and then use something like blurs electric map in the opacity slot of a blue material applied to the pushed brain object - you should get electrical effects layered over the brain geometry.


Is blurs electric map still online? wasn´t able to find it ob the web? Is it is not so, is someone willing to send it via email to me?

regards and thanks in advance



blur’s electric plugin is still available on, but I don’t know if it’s compatible with max8, I haven’t tried yet.


just tested it…

the plugin doesn´t work with max 8 unfortunetly :frowning:


Bastids. If you create a noise map and mess with the output color map curve it can create a very similar map. Create 3 extra points… so you’ll have 5 total, and move point #2 to .45, at 0. Point 3 to .5 and 1.0, point 4 to .55 and 0, and point 5 down to 0. It should look like a big point in the middle… and the map should look pretty similar. :slight_smile: Don’t forget about video post though guys there’s an electric option in the vpglow I think


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