Brain dead Banana


New toy figure for my fictional Vectron Toys brand, this is what happens when someone eats your head! currently a wip :smiley: c&c welcome :smiley: (i’ve changed the top bitten banana piece since the test render )


Hi man

Beautiful edge flow, great design. Colour render image is a tad over exposed on my screen. Be cool to have a little brown tint or streaks here and there on the skin or the odd blemish, maybe change the colour slightly for the open bite off part.

Lovely work, Dan


Cheers Dan, yea I think I went a little over board with the colour correction, I’ll definetly be stacking more noises on there to give the skin some blemishes along with those little black spots there. for the bitten off section I was going to add that inner detail towards the centre but not sure if I will now for fear of taking it too far past the toy point, cheers for the feed back this one has been fun for sure, and you know I always keep my topo clean :wink: V