Braid Maker Tool V1.0 for Maya


Presenting ‘Braid Maker V1.0’
Available on Gumroad:

Braid Maker’ is a A Highly Art-directable procedural Braids Designing-Tool for Autodesk Maya.

With Braid Maker Tool -
Artists can create complex & organic looking Braid Models & curves with just a button click… and populate unique looking Braids within a few seconds & minutes.

Key Features include :

  • Creates Braid Procedural setups with graph based controls for braid width, shape, twist, roll etc…
  • Creates Braids over custom curves, like artistic shaped curves over head scalps.
  • Edit all controls realtime ‘on-the-fly’
  • Bake Braid-shapes after edit, to convert them to plain standard polygon & curves based braids.

Additional Features :

  • Auto ‘Align Braids-Orientation to Scalp Surface’ feature.
  • Tweak & control all Parameters Locally & Globally.
  • Copy & Paste Graph-shapes across all UI-Graphs
  • New braid Length Variation feature
  • New Braid Scale XY axis feature



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