Brad or other Lux guys....Training material??



I have some questions reagarding books and training material.

Is there any plans to have a printed manual?
Any plans for series of books and/or DVDs from Luxology as Alias does for MAYA?
Any plans for 3rd Party material like DVD’s from Desktop Images or books from whomever?



I’m guessing the answer is yes, modified by “build it and they will come”, well they’ve done the first, now they need the user base to justify the training infrastructure costs. Max and Maya seem to dominate the training market, with Lightwave coming in 3rd and then XSI trailing in 4th (sob).


A printed manual and DVD with training materials are shipped with modo.


Training material! Heck yes! The product ships with a 500 page manual which is also included with the download as a PDF. There are a few other PDF files that come with the app for reference and tutorial material. My favorite bit is the integrated help system. Press F1 and click on a button and a browser comes up with the help topic for that feature. Many of these pages have a Video link that plays a QT movie showing the feature in action. There are over 2 hours of video on the install DVD. This is why we do not yet have a download only version. The training materials make it a very large install.

We are also talking to various 3rd party people and schools to produce books and videos.



Since there is no plan for a demo right now what are the chances of releasing the manual so people on the fence can make a slightly more educated decision?


Excellent suggestion - I’m very close to taking the plunge, but would love to see the PDF before committing. C’mon, Brad, can’t we get a little foreplay atleast, before we jump in the sac with you? :smiley:


Before Brad does that he may want to get Lux’s documentation department to have some people not involved in writing it, read it through. There are a number of spegging (sic) mistakes in there.

I’m guessing Lux right now is having to gear up from zero to hero, suddenly they’re being hammered with requests and stuff, most of which I’m sure they’ve already thought of, it’s just a matter of growing the company in step with actual cashflow.


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