Boycott Maya 2017


Yes, that guy, He also makes tutorials for his own render engine,…
What a crazy talented guy…


yeah arnold was literally named after Schwarzenegger - to be strong like arnold, etc. Was a joke originally, but after calling it that for a few years it stuck.

I love that tutorial! that skin shader is now available in vray - being ported anyway, not fully done yet. It’s not a default arnold shader


This whole circus shows bad intent. We can look past the bugs, because hey, they are working on it. But when intentionally break something, just for their own amusement, that is…well, we all know this.

There is one more thing for the future: New versions of maya will come out and the upgrade will be totally pointless, because none of the renders will be ready. Perhaps Arnold, now that they bought it.
Now everybody will have to sit tight, until each company comes out with the plugins. Fun, right?

There are solutions for the current situation: 3Delight offers 1 license for free. It has path tracing and REYES, so it is quite versatile. I love it, but I use it only occasionally.
Of course this doesn’t solve the main problem, like having an app with crippled rendering a few months after the release


All most all 3d software comes with Good Out of the box Render solution including Blender, AD is quite blind…


Just thought I’d throw out that I’ve gone redshift and couldn’t be happier. Have a farm of GPU machines now, small but it’s so fast and flexible, the farm doesn’t need to be huge.


yeah - I’ve been using Redshift as well and its been good - the only thing I’m not thrilled about is its volume rendering - needs open vdb and doesn’t do post texturing - there only seems to be a few systems that are doing good work with volumes - all of which are expensive.

or am I wrong?


If you don’t like Autodesk then there is no reason to suffer, switch to Side FX. And you will never want to go back :slight_smile:


Subscription is a general trend, if you think you are safe elsewhere you are lying to yourself.

Also it’s not necessarily a bad thing, imagine working for an agency for 8 months and want to do some freelancing on the side. Be able to rent the soft for just few months is better. It also allows you to quickly switch from soft to soft eventually.

People really have to stop being that emotional/fetish with their software.


Don’t agree. Its an evolution gone bad - driven by accountants and marketing. You purchase a foundation package like maya but end up having to subscribe to 6 other packages because of independent developers and the shortcomings of the foundation package. The only reason for the subscription system is so that you can be bled more. The overhead of servicing software is a significant drain on time for a freelancer and licensing procedures problematic as you try and maintain coordination between various products versions and hardware.


Subscription is the idea that a few companies execs at google, adobe, and others several years back invented and it’s caught on. It’s nothing more. If someone doesn’t see that it’s disguised to fools as helpful then they are of the generation of not realizing what it means to own something. You’re time is your most valuable asset. Time into software is a big big deal for some of us that have been doing this for decades or more.

Edit: under deadline so didn’t write properly. Google is freeware in place of advertising. Not same bus model but can’t get into a bus model huge thread at the moment. You get the idea.


Maya stalled almost ten years ag owith development after Alias disbanded, most of the origianl team left or retired. It had a good run though!

This is true with all established 3d software. It matured, there was no where else to take it apart from incremental improvements and buying plugins (although can’t underestimate the effort of qt port and 64 bit). It made sense for them to move to sub rather than expensive development. though with a lot of these programs. It’s just a cash cow now and I’m sure AD are wondering what to do with it long term, especially havning 3ds max and maya under the one umbrella.

But that’s all speculation, there is good reason to avoid Maya 2018 Update 4 anyway as it breaks things like rendering visibility lists and it’s the most unstable version ever released. Maya will instant crash on basic operations such as moving objects, bevel operations all because VP2 still hasn’t been fully resolved


We have maya2018.4 installed here on 20+ workstations and do see such crashes.
Could you post some examples.? Without crash files Autodesk cant fix it.

speculation mode on
There is a lot goin on in big studios at the moment they are all building new pipelines around USD and materialX. This will take some while but after that a lot of new stuff will be devoloped on top of those new foundation.


I will have to agree with Hamburger, 2018.4 is a buggy mess. Random, unreproducible crashes with new scenes and simple geometry. No warning , no temp file saves, just lights out. Whats odd is that the crashes happen with the same frequency regardless of scene complexity. Simple viewport pans, unselecting geomtery, arnold previews, changes in timeline…pretty much anything.

I can open the same file after a crash and perform the same action a hundred times that caused the previous crash and nothing, then open the node editor and immediately cause a crash.

Autodesk, how is it that the bug that turns OFF the undo is still around?


Is 2018.4 worse than 2018.3?

We haven’t migrated to 2018 yet. Overall, I’m still unhappy with how slow viewport 2.0 is at loading scenes. I know VP2 is more capable than legacy, but it’s really slow at loading or unhiding large geometry. I’ve enabled classic viewport in 2018, but it’s much slower than legacy in past maya verisons


@ glengine that sounds like a driver issue to me. maybe something out of sync with the graphics cards.
for us its stable. no random crashes.

@ sentry66 Yes Viewport 2.0 is slower on lodaing cause its streaming all the data. You can move the viewport while VP2 is still loading data in the background. But VP2 is able to load much bigger data sets. If all is loaded it should be faster.

If you have a scene that is really slow in VP2 send it over to autodesk. without data they cant take a look.


I find it rather amusing that the Viewport (VP2) is still so buggy after all these years - something even the gaming engines got right a decade ago. I’m still chiefly using Maya 2015 since 2018 is so unstable. It seems like Autodesk finally broke their “every 3 years we’ll release a stable version” trend with this last iteration.

I like a lot of the new stuff in 2018 but it’s simply too bloated and unstable for arch/viz, and Arnold is just an unacceptable replacement for mental ray in my opinion. Vray just absolutely murders it in every situation I’ve run into. Which is fine, it’s nice to have options. And I assume ChaosGroup simply isn’t for sale, otherwise Autodesk would have digested those guys as well.


Again thats not the case here. Please show me some of those bugs, cause we cant see them here.
I would like to help to nail down the problem. But i cant if you just say its buggy.
A lot of what you are talking about is not close to what we see in day to day work.


as is mentioned here:
Maya2018.4 does not evaluate plugin - array attributes in compounds.
Had this myself and had to go back one update…


yes thats a know bug now. and does have a bugnumber and will be fixed in an update.
thats how it should be. Spamming Autodesk with bugs is the only way to get stuff fixed.


Sentry66, for our machines 2018. 3 is significantly more stable than 2018.4.

Oglu, it may be a driver issue although we have tried every quadro driver under the sun, testing different VP2 rendering engines(we are using quadro K6000s). OpenGL-Legacy is the most stable which leads me to believe it is a VP2 issue with older hardware. What video hardware are you running? Are all machines running the same hardware?

Upgrading video cards every time Autodesk rolls out a new version of VP2 is out of the question.