Boycott Maya 2017


I think Autodesk’s policy of first renting software is borderline criminal. But then removing network rendering from a core software package, which cripples it’s use for smaller studios is criminal.

Somehow Autodesk needs to reverse it’s policy’s and the only way I can think of is to globally stop using there software and take the effort to look at other work flows.

I’ve been a MAX user since 3DS studio 4, AutoCAD R9, Maya R4. So I’ve personally dumped a huge amount of my personal time and money into Autodesk products but feel like enough is enough.

I won’t be upgrading after this release. I’m not on subscription so I will personally be using what I have but looking at other software packages to migrate to.

This isn’t ment to be a flame war. It’s simply bad business from Autodesk and I think it’s time for the users to make a real stance and look elsewhere.

Thanks for your time,

Jason Brummett


Wouldn’t your efforts be better rewarded to contact Autodesk directly?
I think most of us are here in this forum to learn and not whine about Maya.
Your post IMO is " irrelevant and unnecessary fluff" warned about in the reply warnings.


Not whining? Just posting what has become the last couple of year to be fact and making a purposeful stance. Contacting Autodesk is about the most pointless thing users can do.


I’m glad that people protesting and unsatisfied customers were able to stop adobe from going through with their forced cloud subscription model.

Seems like we should try to do the same to fight autodesk


I agree, I refuse to upgrade to the new version. The subscription requirement alone is simply unacceptable to me.


Well can’t we have a separate thread or sticky thread devote all negative comments about Autodesk and Maya and so on?
Cluttering up the forum IMO is silly.


Oh, I don’t know… you could start a pointless thread in a forum… :wink:

Seriously though, you are unhappy, fair enough, move on if you want to, but ranting about it here is just clutter IMO, I agree with the other posters above on this point.

I’m speaking as someone who just recently ditched a software package in fact (not an AD one) but didn’t feel the need to tell other users on their forum. I just moved on.


Don’t read it then? I personally depend on software and hardware for my lively hood. I didn’t post this hap hazardly. Additionally I’ve posted the same thing to the old Highend3D Maya users list and I’m very much not alone in wanting to finally abandon or call out Autodesk for how it’s treated it’s customer base since changing it’s fundamental view of it’s customers as something to milk as hard as possible and strip away value. I’ve taught Maya, MAX, AutoCAD. I’ve always been a proponent of Autodesk until the last few years where they’ve aggressively acquired software such as SoftImage to knowlingly want to kill it. Maya is being devalued as we speak. Further, large amounts of studio time have been invested in Mental Ray and without warning, completely dropped. MAX 2017 still has MR rendering and batch rendering. Don’t be a sheep. This isn’t some ignorant rant. It’s real. The only way to stop it is to not support it financially, period.


MR wouldn’t have been dropped if it wasn’t such a disaster

What exactly does MR have that other engines aren’t doing better?

I mean, yes we can blame AD for screwing over MR’s integration effort over all these years, but MR’s core technology still is in last place.

I was upset too when the maya software engine was no longer going to be developed - it had unlimited render licenses - why did Alias|Wavefront have to get so lazy? …but atlas you have to move on with the times

Rendering is no longer cheap. That much is clear


I’ll indulge you but… can you clarify, is this post due to the fact that batch rendering locally or network rendering in general with Arnold is an extra item instead of part of the overall price and package?

Just trying to see the line where you want autodesk to come back to in order to create a sense of fairness.


I think it honestly would have been more fair of AD to include at least 1 batch render license with maya. That is a legit removed feature from the package

and since we paid AD for batch network licenses, I would have hoped that they’d honor those purchased licenses and carry those licenses over as arnold licenses when we renew our maintenance. However since it’s all subscription now the cost to use the software is the same whether we owned previous licesnses or not

I am bitter about it. I don’t think AD handled this well. In response, we’re moving to vray. Later AD and arnold. Not going to drop $40k to get arnold licenses for our farm. The engine is nice, but it’s not that nice IMO.

We’re not ditching maya though. IMO for us, that’s rather drastic. It’s already enough pain to retool for a different render engine. I see the case for a lone freelancer to jump ship, but not for a studio.


I won’t be ditching Maya but I won’t be using 2017 and up. Used Vray many years ago and think Red Shift/Vray/Maxwell something will be necessary. MR was always a Pain but at least it was included and not restricted. If an studio or individual wanted more they could go 3rd party as usual. However if they didn’t, they still have years and years of MR based shaders/scenes/ configurations/files etc. that without warning have been dropped and most are subscription that were asked to buy into it for several years to get a discount!! laugh to myself what a terrible albeit criminal thing this is in reality… Amazed anyone thinks that’s acceptible!? Arnold is great but yes with out the ability to render batch/network, it’s a joke. What was such an incredible whole package has been severaly broken intentionally by AD. Why would anyone unless they are wiling to buy Arnold licenses, put any time into Arnold now via Autodesk. Who knows, they’lll probably end up killing Arnold at some point too? That’s the last I’ll post about this. Just amazed beyond belief that this is now becoming the norm.


That’s the same thought I had about arnold - if no one can afford rendering actual productions with it other than the largest studios, what’s the point of buying it and including it if AD won’t offer any pathway to using it?

Who is going to invest time into it? It might as well just be a tech demo.

Now I think in all honesty, this move of keeping the engine so expensive is to keep existing arnold customers from feeling like they’ve been ripped off for paying the premium. I think (hope) over time the price lowers and becomes actually competitive

I partly hold Marcos responsible, but what I think happened is he didn’t want suddenly 100x as many arnold users expecting everything to work flawlessly. I think with the port to max and further integration into maya, he wanted time to do that while keeping the masses at bay who will look to other engines, or just not upgrade to 2017

We’re always going to keep maya 2015 and MR installed on our farm for past projects, but moving forward we’re migrating engines - and not going to wait and see if arnold ever becomes affordable


Yeah, quite honestly it all just makes Vray look that much more attractive.

Probably would have been better to package with Vray or Renderman. Both cheaper to use on a farm as far as render node costs.

Arnold isn’t the end all save the day renderer but I know people really get a kick out of the previewer /lookdev feedback loop. Quite honestly it doesn’t have the granular control that I get with Vray even thought Vray has been trying to create an easy one quality slider fits all approach like Arnold.

Vray is still the best way to have the most control over render time optimizations even thought Vray 3.3+ removed some controls like separated individual DoF and Mblur sampling.

The non local batch render is criminal for Arnold though. Renderman learned from trying to be too precious about render nodes and piracy. Now they give it away for free in the hopes that the more people learn it the more studios will fill up with Renderman talent that will hasten license purchases.

That is how they lost share to Vray in the first place.


I will not be getting it as I already have a perpetual license for a version that does everything I want it to. The only thing I actually thought looked decent from the new version is the ability to sculpt how the bones deform the mesh.

I am honestly worried that more companies will switch to subscription only models and that is why I am openly cheering on open source alternatives and hope to God that they are someday able to get a foothold because I like owning a perpetual license and can stay offline as much as I want without worry.


I totally agree about the MR/Arnold issues. Personally, although Arnold looks like a nice renderer, I’m still very hesitant to spend any time at all learning it due to said restrictions and additional costs involved for it to be used in production etc. Fortunately I switched from MR over to VRay a long time ago, but I’m still using MR now and then, so it looks like I’ll be keeping a Maya 2016 or earlier around for a while.



the Nvidia guys at ARC are still making the latest MR plugin available for free as a beta for the next little while so people on 2017 can still have access to the mr engine for the time being.


So let’s hear some practical alternatives. What will you use instead? What’s ready for primetime production? I lived through the arrogance of SoftImage which allowed Maya to gain supremacy. The current arrogance of Maya might be it’s own downfall. But only if there’s something better.


I’m personally starting to learn Houdini, in the past i’ve worked with mograph artists that were really happy with Cinema4D. Blender? Electric Image?


While the frustration makes sense, calling for a boycott doesn’t. Just don’t buy it. Vote with your wallet.

I skip every three years of Maya’s shenanigans myself and don’t really feel the need to flip out about it. 2009 was solid. 2012 worked great. 2015 is still working great. Maybe they’ll nail it in 2018 again, maybe not. But of course my field (arch/viz) is pretty specialized so this won’t work for everyone. Some people need or want new features or renderers. I’m fine with MR but will be moving to Vray since Nvidia isn’t updating MR for older versions of Maya and it’s still a pain in the ass to use.

If you don’t like a product, just don’t buy it.

As an aside, who the hell is Arnold, anyway? That Terminator guy?