BOXX at Siggraph


All my CGTALK friends,

Please stop by booth 1137 and hit me up for a t-shirt.



I got one at the Alias user group meeting in Atlanta, their nice !!!


Can I hit you up for a spiffy new BOXX too? :slight_smile:


Good. The one I got with my Boxx is like 20X toooooo big for me.


They shoulda sent one along with the 3 BOXX Stations we just bought…




we stick a t-shirt in with every system. if you come to the booth, hit me up for a beer…nevermind the shirt!



Really? hmmm…I’m hunting down my systems support guy…

Could still go for that beer, though. :cool:


I still got you covered with a shirt. Come by on Tuesday if you can…Tuesday might be special!


Well, drooling over BOXX set ups and get a free shirt too? That’s amazing :slight_smile:


yes i do!


yes i do!i know that!


[ignore me, I’m a dork]
Forgive me for thinking of it, but shouldn’t you have gotten booth 1337 instead?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:
[/ignore me, I’m a dork]


I’ll be there…probably Tuesday morning from the looks of my schedule.


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