Boxing Match Animation


Hi all,

Check out a little animation made for Tropfest, allegedly the biggest short film competition in the world, held in Australia. Sadly we didnt get into the finals - but we think its a fun piece considering we only had 3 weekends to make it in.

Each of the 611 films entered had to include a “match”. This could be interpreted in anyway. See if you can spot all 3 “matches” in ours!

Comments welcome.
16.5 megs



Maybe linking directly to the zip is not allowed, try this peoples:




direct download is:

failing that
and go via download page if necessary

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The bushed (tired) match breathing hard. Film grains, scratches. Camera cuts and angles, Open logo slate. File size. &… The fact you did it so quickly.


Minimalism (no crowd), predictability. Some hand held look (tracked/noise ctrlr) would have helped the action, making the camera a bit more dynamic in some cuts.

The non-hitting part was weak, how about editing a version where the hits result in near strikes, puff, sparks… building the tension of the piece untill the big POOF! Then burn the house down!

Sure beats the crap out of my stories! What is your next piece going to be?



thanks Ls3D

yeah i agree with your dislikes. if we had more time we would have added a lot. i had some sweet volumetrics from the overhead lights but they were taking ages to render so i had to replace them with a tacky cone and a texture to simulate. we did wanna keep it without a noticeable crowd. silhouettes might have been nice. yes we struggled with the non hitting part… anyway - not ganna do anymore with it - got other projects to do.

next up is finishing “emission possible” - A Million Contenders, One Race, One Egg and One Ultimate Prize - check it out at - only a few test images up at the moment.



Now we are talking! Edgy, high production value stuff,… better be carefull with the look alike logos, especially in the context you have wrapped em in!

emissionpossible looks like a winner for sure! Have you posted WIP from that here, if not do so,… start counting hits too! I smell a channel cover in the making! :smiley:



thanks again man

mmm - might have to rework some logos. i posted some sperm pics a while back and didnt get a huge response… they’re so many talented people on cgchannel and cgtalk these days. in two weeks time i finish my job and its back to my filmmaking - cant wait…

so as soon as ive got some new stuff that really kicks - i’ll post for sure and hopefully we get a little interest.

thanks again for your feedback


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