Boxer, Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Boxer
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: Germany
Software: Painter

This guy is a genetically manipulated prize fighter. It started as a research for an uncommon characterdesign. For my personal stuff i prefer this style where the brushstrokes are still visible, rather than getting too realistic. Completely done in painter.


i saw this one before. i really like it. if i had to go with anything i would prolly make the bloody splatter follow the contour of the arm but that’s about it. love the image mate.


Yeah, I have this one, somewhere in my pc between inspiration stuff :slight_smile: It´s great work, I like it so much, congratz, 5stars :thumbsup:


Yes. Yes. Yes.


I love it 5* .
He probably belongs of the same family of Ze butcher

as strong as The Holy Innocence

I have to add you to my favorite Thanks a lot


:smiley: love it my friend! great one!


I saw it before. That is how i became familiar with your work.


Excellent !


very nice:thumbsup:


5* Great work… If I had to be really picky, It’d be about the blood. Did you use any reference photograph for this?



Lovely work, Michael, always nice to see a new piece from you. This guy is great - he reminds my of one of the greatest Italian air pilots of all time, Porco Rosso. Any relation? :slight_smile: There are some great touches - the rim-lit hairs on the back and head, the subtle shirt texture, and the brush strokes around the face are terrific, glad you kept them in.


ohh gr8 piggy man;) superb detailed work coool absolut rate 5*:thumbsup:


Wow! Really nice illustration!
great great work!!!:thumbsup:


I have nothing more to say…


Nice! brushwork fantastic.


nice work !

4 *


Thanks mates!

@scala: haha, nice character! great portfolio also!

@Jeffparadox: no, no reference photos this time, but reference is often a good choice when it gets too complicated:)

@walrus: oh that’s nice, i didn’t knew that porco rosso guy, it’s now on my dvd watchlist!
great job on your cataclysm characters!




haha ! Really like this one ! I love the concept and the realisation is very good, great lighting.


Very nice lighting study, keep it up


What a wonderful expression on his face! I just had to skip over to your portfolio after seeing this and now I’m really depressed. Your mastery of technique and style, and your ability to match your approach to the intent of the image are just amazing. Must stop gushing now…

5 stars