An attempt to make a shadow boxing animation.

I have started to animate any footwork with the root bone so to keep my ability to reuse poses. At this point I am going strait ahead with the animation to get a feel for the actual movement. Hopefully I will progress to the point where I have poses that I am comfortable with and I can properly block out and animate the character. Here I am working on some punches and footwork.




Some more progress with camera work, lighting and animation.* It may be somewhat dark but it is intended to be atmospheric.



I Have not posted in a long time because I didn’t really have anything to show. A big problem is making the video interesting, as there is no drama, or story. Changed, worked on, and modified a number of things. Using blender’s “TOON BSDF” shader strait with 0 smoothing and tweaking the size parameter. Discovered that I like the image more when I use 0 bounces in the render settings. Also the lights’ size is 0. I read a little about framing the shot, so I changed the camera angle so she has somewhere to go… from top right to bottom left. I did and redid the actual boxing.

Again, the big problem is finding a story in this, or the right way of shooting it so it is interesting. Does anyone know of a movie or video where there is a cinematic shadowboxing shot?
Other than that, any crit’s would be appreciated. Thanks,