Box race, Corrado Ficarelli (2D)


Title: Box race
Name: Corrado Ficarelli
Country: Italy
Software: Photoshop

Hi everyone! Take some boxes, something that could work as wheels, scotch tape and with a bit of fantasy you could build a vehicle, now drive it down dusty downhill and you’ll know the meaning of the word “fun”!


Great work! love your style :slight_smile:


brilliant :slight_smile:


This one’s really good, love the composition and perspective. Well done!


Love it! Great expressions, sense of movement, and textures! Nice job!


WOW! XD, It is really full of energy and enjoy!..Love your idea, design and those character are shown a lot of expression. The composition of the scene is very interested and perfect!..Very great work as always. Cheers Corrado!!


Amazing :applause:


Brilliant, love it. Expression on their faces are priceless. :slight_smile:


wow…!!! so nice!
you Know? I have broken teeth, look like your boy character!
cheers! :applause:


Wow Excellent!
Love your illustration.
Nice compostion, nice render, and funny
Love it!


So funny! I like it. Amazing works! :thumbsup:


Very cool! I love the style and the dynamism of the scene :thumbsup:


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