'Bow before your god!' WIP


Hi everyone!

Story is a gigantic stone god approaching a worshiper/summoner. So massive his head reaches into the sky.

I’d like to get some general critique on the whole thing; composition, lighting and usage of photographs. Something i want to improve is the bottom right, the camera is on the ground and facing up, but im not sure if the perspective or arrangement of the stone spires really works.

Deleting them just makes the work look empty though :frowning:


When I first looked at this I got the feeling of looking a giant sentinel being, this was helped with the spires on the bottom right, the only thing that made them jump out was the color compared to the rest of the drawing. The lighting was a little confusing also, I understand the light from the head lighting the upper torso but is the natural lighting behind, or behind to the left or right, the reason I ask is on the left side of the drawing the inside of the arm is lit up and so is the “arm pit” area but on the right side of the drawing the underside of the arm that is the opposite to the arm on the left is also lit.


No one? Really?

Man it must be more terrible than I thought!


Ok Daniel here goes…

First where is the focal point of the image? Is it the man? the god?

I ask because I am distracted by so many things. Now I understand you want to put them all in, but why not try one at a time. Then build on the image.

Given that, why not remove the bottom stuff, Sorry I don’t know what that is meant to be, branches?

Then strip away the textures on the God, because that will help you get the framing right, and not be distracted on what the textures are. Which will need to be improved.

Also whats the concept, is it a kindly God, eg outreaching his hand to this man?
Or is it a less than benevolent one, who demands worship. If thats true, then shouldn’t the man be on his knees? If so how are we given the composition going to see that? Because right now, it looks like his at the top of a tower, right?

But from the title “bow down…” it seems like he demands worship, if that’s the case maybe the angle is not defining that for me the viewer, because we should be clearly be seeing the man kneeling, or at least in a position that defines him as the worshipper.

So if you cut and paste, this… http://tomschlueter.blogspot.com/2011/07/statewide-call-to-pray-day-forty.html

or google images… worshipper kneeling prayer

put that in the lower right, I think the viewer will get a better representation of what the piece is about, if thats what you intend the viewer to perceive.

Look at religious symbolism too, how hands are raised when calling/summoning a god/ devil, then changed once the god/devil appears to a supplicant position.

Look too at typical religious gestures, the man kneeling, the god or priest places his hand on the head, what does that signify? Is that what you intend?

I’ll leave it there, but I think that will give you some things to think about, some to agree with, some disagree, but either way, I hope it makes you think about the composition / the theme / the viewer / and how to cojoin them to give your art a voice, and something the viewer can immediately grasp which may make your final image all the better for it.


Hot Damn, when it rains it pours! Thanks heaps for the precious feedback guys.

To answer some questions:

[li]The focal Point is meant to be the God himself[/li][li]The person is supposed to be a Summoner. He is the one that brought him down to the planet.[/li][li]Hes standing on top of a rock mesa. Think an area of the Grand Canyon. I envisioned the spell being performed directed at a mountain side, with the gods earthly body being cut out of it like gingerbread men cut out of a sheet of dough.[/li][li]The God isn’t friendly. Not so much in an overtly hostile way, but more in a 'You insignificant fleshling! You think your pathetic little charms will protect you? From me? Bow before me and explain yourself immediately or suffer the consequences!"[/li][li]Natural lighting is coming from directly behind him.[/li][li]The thing in his head isn’t supposed to be emanating light. Its just is eye. The effect I’m going for is that he is so far up that the viewer is looking through a significant amount of atmospheric distortion (things get lighter and less saturated as they are further away…) by the time you get to the head. The upper torso is where he breaks the clouds.[/li][/ul]Ok enough typing. First thing im going to do is strip away all the photo texture and delete the spires in the lower right. Fixing the lighting seems like a priority right now.

I’ll post a revision soon, thanks everyone!


glad it helped. Again for composition and meaning, look at religious ceremonies, paintings of such, horror movies where they call upon satan, Hammer horror (old ones on youtube) do that a lot.

By using these ‘already in the viewers mindset’ you re-inforce those beliefs and make your artwork more instantly recognizable from the viewers point of view.

Remember too no matter how big a god, you want the human aspect to shine through, after all thats how we relate, by being human.

Cant wait for the next update…



I hope everyone will excuse the late reply. Job and house hunting takes some time away from things.

Here is a new revision of the image. I hope that replacing the bottom right of the image with a shrine or temple like structure gives more of an indication that the being is an object of worship, as well as reduced the area that it takes up (compared to what was there before) so more attention is drawn to the God.

Ive also generally sharpened up the shapes and added indicators of shadows showing the direction of light (notice under the armpits and between the legs of the god)
I’d love any more comment on the direction this is taking, fire at will!


The new thumbnail is much better. It feels more coherent in the composition, as well as the general planning of the values in the tonal composition. You might want to check your perspective though–the pyramid’s step’s don’t seem to share the same perspective as the giant God.


I’m really glad to say, dramatic improvement. Congrats.

That said, there is a personal change that I would make, that being, take away the second ramp - the one without the stairs, and make the main ramp wider, that will give you more space to ‘play’ with for figures / details to be added later on. You could then also add in inset with details, which would give one the same sort of feel, as you currently have. Also check the angles, with the perspective tool in photoshop.

But again, it’s a great improvement, I’ll make an effort to look out to see the next one. But I get the feeling your on the right road.

Hope the house/job details are all sorted.


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