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Hello, Im still learning how to make game characters, this is my first attempt to make a complete finish character, meaning that i want to texture it and rigg it, there are a lot of things I dont know but I think that I need to finish the whole process to know what things work and what doesnt, for example how will I know how to make the geometry in some parts if I havent animate it yet to see how will it react, or where to put more detail so that textures look good etc. Anyway as far as the model goes, I think I made a mistake in the abs, trying to model them when I could have used a good texture, dont know. Also im not completely happy with the exhaust tube (turbine) in the back, but ill see once its textured. The shoulders look kind of disconnected with the chest area, which is anatomically wrong. by the way the wings are mot for aerodinamically purposes not, since it will use its turbine to run faster, and wings will give him equilibrium

-The model is exactly 1800 triangles and its finished
-its a bounty hunter as you see, with a shield and Ill model him a gun later

C&C welcome



It looks really nice! I don’t know anything about 3d modeling and texturing, sorry. But I did fool around with Milkshape 3d…


thanks I appreciatte, really. Altough I would like to listen to comments from people with expirience


everything looks good! its a nice model for your first complete… mabey bulk him up a little bit unless hes meant to be really thin!? i think the texture could make all the difference with this, start on the tex asap… looking forward to seeing this!



looks really good, unless your polys are going to be double sided i would put some polys in the ones that are one sided and noticable, whenever modeling for a game i keep backface culling on. and if you 3d program dont have that option keep checking often the normals.

overall looks preaty descent, oh…since its so low poly maybe you could use some more pollys in the rear end area…looks kinda flat.

keep up the good work and post some updates, wana see it textured = P :thumbsup:


thanks for the advice, this time I posted because I really wanted tips, not for show off, couse in 3d I still need to learn a lot of things, anyway, what do you mean with the rear end area? could you describe? so im able to add more detail as youre saying. thanks


It’s shaping up… your sense of proportion is pretty good too.

Are the toes supposed to be cut off like that though?


what do you mean with cut off?


Ok At last I learned How to rig !!! yipeeeeee, so here are some first poses I did to show…I still need to tweak the deformations in the weight editor, because there are bones affecting parts of the geometry that are not supposed to be affecting, also I might add some extra geometry in some parts so it deforms better. One thing I noticed, I dont know if its exclusive to xsi but in the knee in the first pose, when bended it becomes really thin, you know what I mean? well then any C&C welcome, but there is still longo to go.

I hope to learn how to texturize properly in this days, to finish this model soon, thank you !!!


ok daniel, havent messed around with xsi a lot but the process should remain the same or very similar form other aplications, when u paint weights each bone must afect a vert, or a group of verts, a vert can be afected by more than one bone so in the case of joint points(elbow, knee). the way you skin so you dont have the deformation your having on the mesh ys to afect the verts that are in the middle of the leg bones is by assigning not a whole unit of weight but distribute the weight of these verts between the bones that intersect, the best way to see the result is to bend the bones in the most extreme pose your character can do and assign the weights in that pose so you see how it starts to affect it. skining is a time consuming process, be patient and youll see it isnt hard its just tediouse


Hey danydrunk, I use XSI and what Yelius said is true. All you have to do to paint weight is have your model selected and press W. Also, you should have the Weight Painting panel open so you can select which bones you want to paint weights for - it is accessible by clicking the icon of a paintbrush which is between the palette and hair icons at the bottom of the toolbar panel. There is also the Weight Editor for adjusting the weights of points manually which can be opened using Control+E. Hope that helps (and of course the tutorials are a great way to learn it all). By the way, are you intending to use this model in a game engine, and if so which one? The reason I ask, is because, if so, you need to figure out your procedure for converting it to that engine since XSI is only supported by the HL2 Engine. I’m making models for Unreal using XSI and I used to convert them to 3DS Max using the FBX format, but now just convert them to Maya using FBX or OBJ, and then export to Unreal from Maya. I haven’t yet converted a character to Unreal (I’m still working on modeling and texturing them in XSI), but I was planning on rigging and animating them in Maya, because so far my tests of converting rigs have not been successful, and also because there are preset rigs designed for use with Unreal that are available for Maya.


My goal was to learn the whole process of making a character. I was planning to get ready for when Half life 2 gets release so that I can have some characters.

I didnt know that only HL2 engine supported XSI characters, thats a shame really, are you sure? because that means that if I want to use my rig from xsi I wont be able to use it in any other engine than Hl2 and thats a waste since xsi is so good, I hope there is a proper way to converting them so that I can use them somewhere else, anyone know an alternative?


If you are planning to use HL2, I wouldn’t worry about it at all and just make a great character for HL2. If you end up wanting to convert your characters to any other engines later on, either you can use it as an opportunity to learn rigging/animation in another 3D app, or maybe a good method for coverting files will have been figured out by then. I think, there’s alot of potential for converting characters between 3D apps successfully, (with everything including rigs and animations) using the fbx format but I need to do more testing with moving from XSI to Maya or find someone who knows about this stuff. One more thing to keep in mind also, is that if you are modeling in XSI and are using the free version that was released for use with HL2, it’s likely that you will not be able to convert ever since it was specifically designed only for use with HL2 since because they are giving it away for free. Also I think Valve released all kinds of information and specifications about preparing characters for export into HL2 includig some sample characters and rigs. If you haven’t gotten that stuff, it would probably be a big help.


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