Bouncy ball with tail//feedback


Just worked on a simple bouncy ball with a tail to get back into animating before going to to characters again… Feedback would be a great help, even with something so simple.

I got a bit lazy towards the end so I think there are a lot of problems in that area…

Thanks again!!



Looks good overall, but the speed at which the ball’s falling back on the second platform is a bit too high and very much different than it is at the very beginning. Also, when it reaches the top, you need to ease-in/out the animation. Just my opinion.


To tomfisher
Thanks for the feedback!!! yeah I thought there was something not quite right about the second platform jumps but couldn’t tell what so thank you!!

When it reaches the top I did add in some ease-ins and outs but I guess I need to still push it more!

Again thank you!!



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