Bouncelights effect with Gradients


Had to try your scene (did you forget to add the sofa in to the zip?), render time was exactly 50 seconds on my Athlon64 3400+. Haven’t thumbed up anything for a while, now it’s the time to do that again. Good work :thumbsup:


Oh man, you’re a genius! Thanks for this! Gonna try it rightaway!


Very smart! Thanks for sharing.


Wow! guys thanks for comments.
Para, you are right I forgot to add the sofa in the zip :blush: But you can find it here:

It also comes in LW Content (is the green sofachair) :slight_smile:



Oh :slight_smile: Haven’t browsed thru all the new content yet (since there’s so much of it and I just don’t have time to check everything out) :slight_smile:



What an excellent and simple tutorial…thanks alot for shareing it. :slight_smile:


Gerardo, I´m getting bored of telling ya how cool your posts are.:applause:
Once again, you made it. Are you attending Art Futura by any chance? we might meet there personally…



Gerardo, thanks a lot for sharing this


btw, bandwith exceeded for the scene with sofa

anyone kind enough to send the file to: ?
thanks in advance


It also comes in LW Content (is the green sofachair)

i.e. you already have it:)


oops sorry i missed that


Very interesting information. Thanks for your sharing! :thumbsup:


Thanks Obi-Wan! :slight_smile:
I appreciate your words a lot Netvudu :thumbsup: I would really like to go to Madrid; but arrrrg! I cannot go this year. I hope to be able to go the next one :bounce:
Southparx, I already sent you the file :slight_smile:
Thanks Keddy, is advisable to try the technique with FIsLocalAmbient in the walls too, the interaction of this plug with SG_AmbOcc offers different results to LW gradients.


Edit: I mean Madrid :wink:


pal, Art Futura doesn´t take place in Madrid. It´s in Barcelona. That´s why I asked…don´t you live around there?


Yes you are right, but I have a friend that lives in Madrid (I´m very very far). I hope to be able to go of visit, barely I have some time (I don’t have vacations for 10 years :eek: )



Is it technically possible to use the ambient occlusion shader as a gradient input? This way the occlusion shader would have much more exciting uses…

In general, is it possibe for a plugin to act as a gradient input in lightwave??

Or is this technique already using it as gradient and I missed the whole point ? :slight_smile:


Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing such a great lighting trick! :applause:


that is pure genious!


Ya know - after all the flaming lately - it’s great to see some cool threads emerging :smiley:
I just found another … Gotta love LW :slight_smile: - I didn’t know about this either - cool!


Thanks, you’re too kind :slight_smile:

btw, i fail to get the spinning spotlight, do u mind to explain that a little bit in detail, please?

thanks again


Steve Warner, wow! your books are Great, man! thank you for your comments. :bounce:
Lazynok, thanks :smiley:
Colkai, that is a nice modeling trick :slight_smile:
Southparxs, the principle behind the spinning spotlight is that the light moves from one side to other and up to down (with intensity falloff). The horizontal motion softens the lateral shadows in the extreme of the objects; and the vertical motion softens the shadows according to the distance of the objects, this effect is reinforced by intensity falloff. OC_Window of Ekki Halkka (Plugpak) offers a better rig for this, since you have two lights, each one for each motion. In my example I made this in the more simplest way possible. You can download the spinning spotlight scene here :slight_smile:
Hesido, you are a genius! :thumbsup: Trying to respond your intelligent question, I thought that SurfMixer can make what you say, so I made a quick test with 2 Surfmixer, gradients and 2 Nulls. (see attachment)
The weird thing: SG_Ambocc together with SurfMixer works with some objects, but not with others and I still am not able to discover which is the reason. Actually my biggest requirement for the SG_Ambocc of Skidbladnir is the possibility to work with textures (like Docuwild´s plug-in); this lack can be resolved with SurfMixer (thank you for that question!) but I think that it would be more stable if Skidbladnir could add this feature to his fabulous shader.