Boujou Forum


I think it should have a Boujou forum under Application Specific (3D Specialty). There is a lot of people asking questions about boujou and we have always to do search to find those threads.


We did have a Boujou forum on CGTalk and it was completely DEAD - hardly anyone posted in it. I don’t mind hosting a Boujou forum again here, but there needs to be enough activity in it to justify a forum. Let’s see how your poll goes, and if you can muster up enough people to actively participate in a Boujou forum.



Leonard, that post is worded a little too much like your response to the Renderman forum. Do you have a template for these things? :wink:


I think a general matchmoving/camera matching forum may serve the community better… syntheyes, boujou, boujou buulet, matchmover… even image modeler is good for camera matching on stills and bringing these in to one technique forum would probably serve better… of course I personally don’t have a need for it now, but from time to time it would be nice to have around I’m sure. But of course this could easily fit into the Compositing/VFX forum.


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