boujou feature tracking problem



I cant find any forums on boujou and the 2d3 website forum isnt up and runing yet so I figure this forum is my best bet.

I tracked a 15sec shot down my driveway of me walking and doing simple camera moves, anyway I feature track it and the dots correspond to points in the track untill 3/4 of the way through, they just dont appear.

I was wondering if anyone has had an issue like this before, I hired the camera and really dont want to shoot this again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You feature-tracked? Or did you also already camera track? Usually only then will small dots appear (feature tracks are crosses). Assuming you tracked the camera already, check if you have two seperate tracks in your list (look at the indicated frame-range). Sometimes when boujou does not manage to create a decent camera track it will split up the sequence which might cause your dots to disappear.



I meant I brought in a jpeg sequence and then did feature tracking on it. Sorry for not just saying that.

Under the camera solve dialouge it only had tracked 97-409 where my full shot was to 514 frames.

I can only see one sequence which is above, The untracked frames are 512-514.

But before I feature tracked I set to all frames.



Aehh… so you did already solve the camera? I’m still confused. Feature tracking is the automated 2d tracking process. Camera tracking is the “3D” tracking process which happens after that.
Unless you did already camera track you should not have any camera solve…

In any case:
If your feature tracking did not finish the whole sequence it might be to frames where it just cannot find anything (pretty unusual) Maybe set sensitivity higher in the feature track dialogue.

What happens more often is that the camera solve does not have enough data to create one continous camera track. Also raise sensitivity for the feature track. Check if there is enough useful feature tracks for those frames. Also track a few points by hand (I think its called target tracking). Tracking a few points by hand generally raises the quality of the camera solve quite alot.



Yes a feature track and then a camera track? which has a camera solve, I turned the sensitivity to max and added some locaters and ran the existing track (so it wouldnt have to retack it) then boujou crashed.


Unless you have really smooth camera movement on like 2k footage turning the sensitivity up can be a bad thing; same goes for tracking small feature instead of large ones.

But really, we can’t advise you on the track and go into detail with out looking at the footage itself.


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