Bot Design, Darko Markovic (3D)


Title: Bot Design
Name: Darko Markovic
Country: Yugoslavia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi everyone my latest project , i designed this bot from scratch… my design … i did a lot of sketches on paper … and then i went on 3d… :wink:


done in nurbs with patches not a single trimm :wink:


with mental ray FG+GL+HDRI :slight_smile:

hope u like it :wink:

big resolution



The model looks really good maybe if you posed him so he held some weight on his front legs would give him a better sense of proportion :slight_smile:


wow… so much detail!
frontpage work



Very good model!!!

But lighting and texture could be improved:) Also object seems to “fly”. But you have very interesting ideas and good modeling skills…
Keep working.


Nice rendering.:thumbsup:


Nice, nice my friend. Good job. Keep it up :wink:


wow very good. how long did this take you to do. i agree with one of the above posts it would be cool seeing him posed


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