Boss Hog, Joe Wampole Jing (3D)


Title: Boss Hog
Name: Joe Wampole Jing
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

A high res character I did for Duke Nukem Forever a few years ago when I worked there. He’s a mutated Pig Cop and stands 15-20 ft tall.

Base model was made in Max, detail modelling and texturing in zbrush. Hair w/ Max hair. Rendered in Max.

Sorry, no fancy background, just glad I can finally show some of my work from back then.


pretty nice work :wink:

more hair I guess would have been nice also.


ooops!amazing :smiley:


Nice sculpt Joe!


Very nice. That bit of green around the teeth really brings it to life.


Wonderful texturing.


i like it the model & very nice textures

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Duke Nukem!! awesome :slight_smile:


Oh jeez, that’s disgusting! Haha. But great work, obviously. That is one creepy pig!


Awesome monsters Joe! Got anything else from Duke?


I have some more shots of fully textured ingame models, but they’re starting to look pretty dated (they were made 3-5 years ago). Also, 3DR is still getting sued by Take Two, so I’m not sure about what can be shown.


Even if it’s dated it’d be pretty cool to see some more of the old work.
Not sure about this lawsuit though… if the work is pretty dated it could not represent the current state of the game so it couldn’t cause problems with the lawsuit. Of course that’s just my take on the matter but that’s what I believe.


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