Boris Yeltsin Caricature, Mandrake (3D)


hope you like it…

some wip’s from the same wagon here:


looks a lot like Boris Yeltsin… u know the old President of Russia…


Now that’s yet another excellent piece of work Mandrake. Caricature’s have really been you’re thing this month huh?

              I really think alot of it.It has a ton of personality.Very,very nice work,once again.:thumbsup: :beer:


you are a 3d character GOD!


I like how the hair looks. What did you use for the hair?



ggg ugly fatty oldman :smiley: but anyway… good work. I would refine better the nose. I see something extrange, dont you?



Strange???..It’s a caricature.It’s supposed to be somewhat strange…the nose is spot on perfect as caricature noses go. In what way is it strange to you Whiteblazer.Point it out,because I am seeing nothing at all wrong.

     Once again Mandrake.............Great job........:beer:


can you show the wires?


Excellent all round…Two thumbs up!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Originally posted by Mandrake
hope you like it…

Yeah, we like it. :slight_smile:


Very nice

maybe the eyes should need a bit more work, they look too shiny IMO


this is soo great !!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Totitch had already shown me some previews of the meshes!!!
this is excellent with textures !


:bounce: thanks a lot guys! wrosado: its Shave for Maya,
WhiteBlaizer: the real guy has nose like that, what can
I do about that:shrug: look:


color map…


and some BUMPS!:surprised :wink:


master work, :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Originally posted by Mandrake
… the real guy has nose like that, what can
I do about that:shrug:

Hahaha excellent caricature! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very good jay leno :slight_smile:

since the character is stylized…i cant crit :slight_smile: but overall hes perfect…ur texture looks good :slight_smile: so is the hair :slight_smile:


Great model. If im not wrong it looks as thought you spent alot if time around the eye area of the face; With the bump mapping and such, i say go around the whole charactwer and put the same attention to every detail, especially more in the mouth area. I would say that the chin looks “odd” and even though the person may loko like that, you stll have the artistic ability to change it of course. Im almost thinking that its not the model, but the pose, and the lighting in the scene. Nothing wrong with both, but it could be a tiny bit better.

Anybody else see this or am i mad?


I love this image you post, Keep post up. :applause: :applause:

Awsome !!