please critizice this one that has been rejected, i think im not understanding what kind of parameters should i reach, anyway help me to understand,or give me a clue where i did wrong all critics are welcome


its a really nice work …but

it might be too centered and im guessing that lady is the topic of this work right, she blends in way to much with your background that u cant really see her.


thank you, its true, im still having problems with lightning and composition, and some visual elements on this one


The way you portray the various surface properties aren’t convincing at all. You need to really study and gather more experience painting various various surface types convincingly. Metal, plastic, wood, fabric, skin, etc.

Your brushwork is also kind of clunky, as they don’t really help convey the various surface types.

The lighting doesn’t make much sense, since you have a sun that is back-lighting your scene, yet nothing in your scene looks like they are back-lit. We should be seeing everything as dark silhouettes, and if you want them to be lit from our direction, you’ll need to figure out a secondary light source or something that is bounding light onto this scene.

The sky also doesn’t look logical What time of the day and what weather condition is that supposed to be? What you have looks more like surreal/abstract than a logical sky.


thank you for your critic, im going to work on it, i need more practice, its my first painting with no lines at all, ill move foward to a new one, hopefully learning from this mistakes.


You need to look at your values, too. The best way to do this is to put a black and white filter over it, and see how many of your greytones are similar, and how little of dark and light you have, it’s all very medium-toneish, if that makes sense. When you convert to B&W, you shouldn’t lose any of your volumes or depth or lighting. I learned this in college, learning traditional painting, we’d have to put our work on a photocopier to see it (this was way, way before digital painting).


thank you, what a good idea, the black and white filter for the values, im going to try.


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