Okay, well I’m using this as an opportunity to try and make a decent VFX shot. I took some video flying over the canadian mountains so I’ll be match-moving the tower into that footage. I’ve already got a good track in PFMatchIt and I’m doing some test renders of the shot in LW.

Here’s a frame from the video


Because the match was so good, I used the point cloud to build a basic poly version of the mountain top which I’m using to crop off the base of the tower and also to use as a shadow catcher.

To get the nulls from Layout to Modeller there’s a cool LScript called NullsToPoints – I then just built a poly patchwork from the points and subdivided it. I then spent a while pulling points around to try and match the precise form of the peak (though I probably won’t be needing it now!)

The shot will need some work to remove bits of the plane from the footage, colour grade it, add some snow (probably) and generally make it a bit more atmospheric and moody. I may even end up adding other buildings and props around the tower…


Love the look of that footage, sounds like a great start! Will keep an eye on this thread, hope you can post some progress soon!


Well I’m struggling to overcome some minor but annoying things. The shadow cast by the tower is a real pain and LW’s shadow catcher object is pretty basic - and matching it to the terrain is proving really tough. I also needed to redo the matchmove but I think that’s okay now. Progress is sloooow…


Heads up

	 	 		 		 			 				 				 				 			 			 			 			 			[FXWars 7 Towers: One Month to GO.]( 			 		

I am looking forward seeing more of your entry.



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