boolean city


This is a concept idea for a city between two worlds.
The towers connecting the two worlds have many levels. As the gravity pulls in both directions equally there is a middle plane where one can experience free floating state. As one goes either way down or up in the levels further away from the middle he will experience stronger gravity and the more difficult will be to go back.
I used Auto Cad, 3D studio + V-ray, and Photoshop. As I used a lot of boolean operations to build it I named it ‘Boolean City’.




Wow! This is incredible! It is so inspiring!


That is so incredible! wOw!! :applause:
Also nice (or maybe comforting? hahaha) to know there are other people out there who have these kind Imaginings. Great reminder why sci-fi and fantasy 3-D art can be so incredibly awesome.

Inspiring the scifielf~


i’m looking for artist into this subjects:

bio-mechanical,futurism,post nuclear era,tribalism,industrial,nuclear war,bondage…

if you want to be part of the idea , hook me up.



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