boolean and bevel issue


Ah the wonder of Maya 6.0! Thanks to the “new and improved maya” I can no longer create a primitive cube, subtract another primitive cube from it (to make a straight hole all of the way through it), and then bevel the edges. When will the pain stop? I think I will be purchasing silo if this keeps up. If any of you have any idea as to why this is happening, please let me know.


P.S. Check out the picture attached for a visual of my problem.


Well, I’m still using the ‘old, and not significantly improved-upon’ Maya 5.0, but what happens if you change up the order? Like, do the bevel on the cube first, then carve out the center? Same thing?

Might be easier to cut out the center of a solid cube by hand, using subdivide and the split polygon tool. It’s an inconvenience, but it works.


Maya seems to have a problem with the hole inside the polygon on the front. Notice, that it’s just one polygon.
I tried to split it with “poly split”, but that doesn’t work. You can’t start or end at a hole.

The only way around I found, was by doing an “extrude face” at both ends instead of a boolean operation. Look at attachment.

Booleans still seem to not work very well… ever had to animated them?.. the horror.

Edit: You can also make a “cleanup” and delete the unwanted edges. You just have to get rid of the hole.


Thanks for the suggestions. I find it very interesting that I could do this without problems in 5.0. Well, I guess you’re right, the extrude face is my best bet. I just like the control you have over the object creating the boolean.


Select the holy face (heh), triangulate it, then quadrangulate it. Faces with holes have always been bad…maya 5 couldn’t handle them better.


bevel first then boolean works


It’s better to solve the problem than going around it - get rid of all faces with holes. :slight_smile:


yeah you’re right it is a dodgy old face


I disagree.
There might not be a solution to every problem, but there’s always a way around it. :wink:


i dont think so as well. i think this IS a solution :slight_smile:




I think the BEST solution is for Alias to evaluate polygonal faces a little closer when doing a bevel. However, all of your solutions sound great! Sorry I if I take a while to respond, but I’m a team leader at SIGGRAPH right now, and am pretty busy.


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