Book to read after drawing with the right side of the brain


So I finished Drawing with the right side of the brain and I loved it. I finally moved out of the world of symbol drawing, but I am unsure of what to do now. I have been drawing a lot, just things and people around me, but I don’t really think that I have been progressing much. I know that it takes a lot of time, but I also think that at this point I should start experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

My question is what would be a good book or something that will elevate my drawing skills? I am also wondering If I could start looking into painting at this point. Thanks!


Start with the Andrew Loomis books. They will take you very far if you work at it. Start with Fun with a Pencil, then move on to Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth or Successful Drawing, and after that, Creative Illustration, and finally The Eye of the Painter.

Make sure you look at the book recommendations in the sticky thread on top of this forum–it contains books that are some of the best available on art instruction.


Thanks so much! I have taken a look at many book recommendations from here and concept art, but I was unsure of we’re to progress. I was leaning towards the jack Hamm book, but I am kind of reluctant to go for figure drawing before having learned more. Drawing with the right side of the brain was hugely helpful for me, but I guess it’s primarily for non artists so it doesn’t talk about progressing much.

Anyways, thanks for the advice.



just in case its not public knowledge , almost all andrew loomis’ books are hosted online for free at, Im sure they are legit and legal. I skimmed through them there and then decided to buy some of the hard copies as they are soo good in my opinion.