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“A Thousand Faces” is up! Actually, it’s more like 46. I had a lot of fun doodling these out so enjoy :slight_smile: Here is the link to a larger one

I’m just gonna show the small images here but you can check out the crop closeups on my site.

After doing various freelance jobs for a while now, I’ve been itching to start a personal project where I get to control the concept and the content of my images. So I decided to start a picture book project. It would be sort of like the Dinotopia series except the setting is sci-fi (of course!!!) .It might not be much of a story because I’m obviously not a writer.

The story takes place within an urban city in a distant future. It will be about the experiences of a traveler and his journey through this city. The book format will be the compilation of the traveler’s diary/sketchbook. There will be over 100 paintings and sketches of this imaginary place in the “diary”. Short paragraphs will accompany the images to give meaning and hopefully suggest an underlying story to this journey.

The reason for this lengthy introduction is because I need your help for me to finish it. Like most other artists, I get burst of inspiration to do a project then somewhere along the way, the juices run dry and it never gets done. I NEED a deadline and outside pressure to finish this book so that is where you come in. Please quote me on this :

From now on, I will post at least one new image here bi-weekly on Monday.

The only way I can finish this book is through guilt and shame :slight_smile:

Market Street

Meyer The Mechanic

Meyer The Mechanic 2

The Monk

The Human World

A Thousand Faces (NEW)

Eight Ball Monkey (Coming Soon on June 23)


Those paintings are AMAZING!

This is front page quality all the way!

I can’t wait for the next.

So can you give a brief synopsis of the story?


EDIT: I just finished looking at your site. Oh man, i have so much respect for you, you’re a master. That’s seriously some of the best 2D work I’ve seen in years. And you’re still in school!



Wow, very very nice! Are you actually going to get these published / self-published? I’d love to be cutomer #1 when it comes out!


welcome on cg.

Nice work, lots of colours!great:thumbsup:

I like the second drawing (the robot hand) the most, because of the technical details. The skin on the hand looks very fleshy.
Hope to see more.



I’ve seen your work before, can’t remember where right now - but I’ve always loved your stuff :slight_smile: Great job, especially the last painting! :beer:


thanks everyone…it’ll be a while before this book is done but you guys will get to see the whole progression of the pages. They’re not really in any sort of order right now but I hope to get some writting done soon and I’ll post a short paragraph here.


wtf, this should be getting as many replies as views, just for that last piece alone, your cityscapes are awesome. 1st ones a bit muddy, but ive never been a fan of chapter 1.
Ive always rated your work and look forward to your next installment. Entered for expose? id put your scapes in no question.


great, i wish i could paint like u :slight_smile:



“A Thousand Faces” is up! Actually, it’s more like 46 :smiley: I had a lot of fun doodling these out so enjoy :slight_smile: Here is the link to a larger one


Nice job


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