Book page rigging tutorial /w Xpresso script



 Book page bone setup, mesh weighting and rigging for Cinema 4D.
 This tutorial is aimed for beginners and intermediate
 animators who want to use xpresso to control the

 [b]Bones Setup[/b]

Polygon selections for each bone

Vertex weights setup for each bone

Setting up restriction tags

Setting up XPRESSO with user data

 You can watch intro part for free here:
 Full tutorial is only 5€.


Sorry mate, but I feel that charging for tutorials is not cool - and it’s not like you are showing something that hasn’t been done before.


whole 3D-business…

Et muuten tiedä, tämä tuli juuri oikeaan aikaan. En o tehny juurikaan hahmoja ja pitäisi duunata muutaman laatikon avautuminen ja sulkeutuminen + kirjan sivuja, että isosti kiitos:)

in english: Thanks a ton =)


No need to stomp on this post. He’s just trying to make a living, like all of us. If you don’t want to pay for a tutorial, then you don’t have to buy it. But I’m sure there are some who will welcome an in-depth tutorial like this, and will be willing to pay a few bucks to learn a new skill.


I think the price is OK for the content.

What else am I going to get for 5 Euros ($6.60 US)?

Maybe two hours of happiness from Starbuck’s (caffiene + sugar).

Or I can go to the pub & “prime the pump”.

Or …

In any case this gives someone a nice quick-start.


Your opinion has been noted, I fervently hope that your teachers weren’t paid either.

kraphik : congrats on getting your tutorial out. I’m sure people will find it useful, best of luck with it!


Oh, I think my comment was taken the wrong way. I used free tutorials to learn and I am repaying my debt to the community by creating tutorials for Polish users of C4d. I am generally against paying for tutorials, not particularly for this one, and I understand that’s a way of making a living. A do appologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings.


Do you have a preview of how it gonna look like and how the pages or behaving?
Do the pages have a sort of collision effect?



Thanks for feedback. I am Cinema 4D professional and
teach Cinema 4d for architects here in Finland. So one can say I do this for living. Some
little fee is to cover the hosting fee of the video tutorial files.

Yet there´s many free and cool tutorials in some larger sites like c4dcafe I suggest for users who want free tutorials to go there.

Thanks for comments. I think I´ll make a bonus video for the people
who bought the tutorial. :wink:


Thanks. First there was only this script of book page that I made. I got this idea for tutorial because some people asked how it was made.

I don´t want to comment about teacher payments that much but I can say here in Finland
3d teachers get paid very well.


I just might make a preview video.

There´s only one page and there´s no collision.



No finnish here.


1200 tutorials, comes out to being 3 bucks a tutorial, that’s not too expensive. It’s just that you gotta pay up front :wink:

Anywho, kudos on getting more Cinema resources which I always will support. I’m checking out the free part now.


I think you mean 25cents a tutorial (about 19 euro cents)), at 3 bucks each it would be a whopping $3600!

Oh and English please on these forums so that everyone can understand, that way we don’t have to close threads.


Don’t you feel that placing a warning like:
This post by Zmurowski may contain offensive material. Click here to view it.</a>
that I have to click before being able to read a post that is not offensive but just expresses an unpopular opinion is going over the top a bit?



congrats and nice to see some other video tutorials for Cinema 4D :thumbsup:
Keep it up!


The intro part is free so you don´t pay upfront. I think I will include another part into the intro to show page rigging more.
Most tutorials are for free on my page.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I liked your Cinema 4D tutorials were good too. :slight_smile:


Yes. English of course. I don´t answer to finnish questions unless some
other finnish guy does not e-mail me straight away.


Or you can educate yourself with that starbucks coffee take away and a
cinema 4d video tutorial. :blush: