Book of Cavaliere


I have decided to set camp here

Here I will put my works, studies, sketches, etc
(hope its ok)

I really want to improve at painting so any critiques or suggestions are appreciated.

I’ll start posting some of my recent works and studies

studies from life

photo studies

this was for the daily sketch forum

some gouache sketch



a character illust

Tried doing an illustration with the same character, since I have to practice bigger compositions

some video game fanart
dynasty warriors

warriors orochi

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

and a mattepainting


One thing I noticed about your illustrations, is that you tend to go for a simplistic look in terms of overall presentation and level of detail. That in and of itself isn’t a problem, but I think perhaps you can push the main focal areas a bit more, so they are selectively more detailed, thus achieving a compelling contrast of refined and painterly/expressive. Right now, you tend to have the same level of medium detail all over entire images, and there aren’t really any areas where selective detail is pushed to a higher level of refinement, and this gives off the impression that the illustrations are one step removed from a more finished presentation. It’s totally fine to go for a more painterly/impressionistic look, but I think for these types of illustration, selectively detailing the main focal points will make them visually more compelling.


ohh I see! Thank you very much Lunatique! I will push the details in the focal areas from now on.

more sketches and stuff

for the Daily Sketch Forum at CGSociety

some illustrations




oooohhh!! :bounce:

check it out! my fanart of Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

won the 1st place at Ubisoft’s UPlay fan art contest!!! :

I’ll be going to LA for E3! yeaw! :B :arteest:

Well here are some snow monster concepts. I used Zbrush and Photoshop
I wanted to experiment with color and fur combinations so
A. Is based on a Snow Monkey
B. Is based on a Siberian Husky
and C. is based on a Polar Bear

Heres a mattepainting I did for a TV show called Revolution
I also did the compositing for this shot.

Because of the camera movement of the shot I projected the ground of the matte painting onto geometry that I modeled in Maya and then imported into Nuke.

The rest, the trees and sign, I just added onto cards in the 3d space.


Spend more time on increasing the readability. Your values are too similar in many areas. If you squint your eyes and many areas just blend together, that means you need to make the forms more readable by increasing their contrast with more prominent form shadows and highlights.


Thanks Lunatique! I will work more on that!

OMG so last week I went to E3 thanks to winning a spot as an Uplay Ambassador with my AC Black Flag fanart.
It was Amazing! I went to Los Angeles, met the other Uplay ambassadors, went to the Ubisoft Media Briefing, went to E3, the Uplay lounge, had Q&A sessions with the developers of the upcomig Ubisoft games
it was just incredible!!! And my fanart got turned into an animation by the Ubisoft Montpellier studio 0!! It looked amazing! If they post it online I will link it. I had a lot of fun! Cx

And yesss my favorite time of the year ,every four years ahem, is here, The FIFA World Cup! I’ve been watching every match! here are some studies after photos of the games. I wanted to practice drawing movement and folds.
Also my sketchbook didn’t fit in the scanner, I had to take pictures :confused:

:arteest: I had more studies and sketches but this website wont let me add them, it says they are too many images, oh well Cx it’s ok they were mostly hand and feet studies anyways

I am really looking forward to the new Assassin’s Creed game, so I drew this portrait of the new assassin, Arno Dorian


and an environment, Frog Waterfalls



Nice sketches.

In the waterfall image, the two sculptures have strong sharpness and detail while the rest of the image is quite vague, and the sudden shift between the two levels of finish is a bit abrupt. Try making the shift more gradual so the overall visual balance of the piece is more cohesive.


Ok I shall work on that, Thanks!!!

more practices, gotta keep practicing _

marker thumbs



for these I used ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, brilliant red and white.
I should keep practicing witht hese limited palettes. Even with watercolor I find that the ones I like the most are the ones when I only use a few colors.
this was for the Environment of the Week activity at the conceptart forums

and a character

Now that I look at it it looks unfinished, I should work more on that ._.