Boo!, Michael Rak Sanctum Art Inc. (3D)


Title: Boo!
Name: Michael Rak Sanctum Art Inc.
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This still is one of the pieces from a project that I was putting together. Generally, it’s an old school approach to an old fashioned genre. It pretty much does its job. Two masses split second from clash! Enjoy and thanks!


Great work, looks like picture for some game. I like style and lightning. :thumbsup:


very cool!
the red ambience adds extra danger to the scene.
good work!


nice work :thumbsup: a like this style :buttrock:


very interesting, yet nice color choices, really gives off a nice feel to the piece, i really dig it :slight_smile:


nice work Very RED !!:arteest:

Excellent and very detailed Top Stuff :beer:


Damn that’s cool! and a Front page plug too! congrats! :applause:

I really like the armor design on the human, the creature is impressive as well. The extra detail in its head makes it stand out much more than the rest. The instant focal point and really sets up the scene from there.

I’d love to see wires!

Great piece! Keep it up! :beer:


Great work!
The monsters anatomy such as his waist, hips and torso looks a little bland - like its a man in a suit - maybe make him bonier or more muscular. His face design is superb! The design for the solider is fantastic and he is posed really well. Aside from the anatomy of the monster (a minor thing) i really like this pic. The red lighting and mist really add a threatening ambience to the image.
The whole thing reminds me of a mix of doom 3 and halo, which aint no bad thing!

Got any other views or wireframes? Id love to see more pics of the soldier guy.

Excellent work :thumbsup:


This is an excellent image, I thought it was a PS or Painter job by the thumbnail. It still looks like it has that painted feel to it so top notch work indeed. As everyone has stated the red works very well here…


wow … fr4 work man … :eek:

when i saw it … i remembered PC games …

maybe coz it looks like games posters … :slight_smile:

keep it up man … :thumbsup:


excellent work! I thought is was a painting, well sort of is. But still you’ve done an amazing job here.

though I tend to agree with AndyH in crits, yes wires would be cool please post some :buttrock:


Excelent! just excelent!
really like it, thanks alot for sharing, 5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Awesome bro!

Looks really great. Nice models and the whole lighting and colours work really well.

Perhaps you could get some more action into the scene by adding some motion blur to the arms so they look in full flight where they are about to hit each other. Just an idea otherwise it looks wicked.




Awesome artwork! Great style, as others have said looks like some promotional artwork for a game. Very cool!


very good, excellent 3D models, nice idea


Great work man…congratulations i really love it


very nice, excellent 3d models and textures


excellent 3d models and textures


realy good design I love it indeed but one thing add motion blur belive me it will great then
it is in the front page now
Good luck :thumbsup:



most impressive stuff
i like both characters, and the greatdynamics in it
cool colorscheme, reminds me a bit of “last days” movie
well done