Bonyface - Facial Rigging Tool For 3dsmax


Hello Hello Guys :slight_smile:

It’s with GREAT pleasure that we announce an upcoming 3dsmax script developed for rigging and skinning 3D Faces:

BonyFace is a professional solution for rigging and animating facial expressions on 3D Faces with ease and flexibility.

BonyFace is a 3dsmax Script (max 2008 and up) developed between us Fx,lda to drive custom 3D Meshes with a rig based on a Bones System to simulate how real muscles behave in a real face.

Please click hereto go to the official website, below the page there are some videos showing how the whole system works.

Our website is currently being updated so stay tuned for more.

Thank you for your Attention

Nildo Essa


any timeframe on when we get to know the pricing of the script?


At the end of this month we will drop the link to demo-version and publish all info regarding commercial versions.


Looks great. Can I ask if there is any rotation on any of controls, especially the lip area. It can be useful to rotate the lips in and out or is the movement linear. As in up down and sideways.


Yes, rotation ability was made for lip controls (only for lip controls)


Demo-version is available at my site. Try it


Hey Guys…

as OneAcc Mentioned, Bonyface demo is now up on that page but also on the official bonyface page


We would appreciate any feedback.

Nildo Essa



I must say, your plug-in is awesome thanks for the demo, when you’ll release it guys I’m pretty sure that I’ll buy it :o

So I’ve tried your demo version and noticed two bugs :

And again, thx for your work

(Ho and I apologize for my bad English)


Well, the first bug depends on orientation constraint, you can try reload the scene and pick eyes again.
Second bug i saw the first time :slight_smile: If more people will get it - i’ll check.


I noticed that you read mocap data (BVH). Any plans to support TRC format?


no, we haven’t such plans this time. bvh only

February is a release month of BonyFace with low prices, at the next months prices will be slightly increased.

So, there are two commercial versions of BonyFace:
Standard - unlimited controls plus 2 additional windows added: Setup Rig and Poses. Price in February: 300 USD

Extended - unlimited controls plus all 4 additional windows added: Setup Rig, Poses, Drive, Face. Price in February: 450 USD

Also you can upgrade from standard to extended by paying difference in price.

Nildo Essa will distribute BonyFace among english speaking users, ask him “how to buy?”.
All information will be at the official site soon.


I’m tested. and have some questions:
1.- Problem is I do not see the button Pick Henadbone turn light? Although that was then biped.
2.- The eye is also the same problem as Kuro2. error was not you fix?
3.when I move the pointer through the center of the two opposite directions two eyes move together?


OneAcc… amazing plugin my friend. Just the solution I’ve been looking for. However, I gave it my first try, and I did encounter that mouth inversion bug Kuro mentioned. Any documentation on it, or fix suggestions?


Hello Guys…

Have u made sure the objects have been fixed thru Xform mod?

One workaround i always use in order to make sure they are aligned and uniformily scaled is to make a box (or sphere, if its the eyes im working on) align it to the object by their centers and collapse the box to poly, to then attach the head (or eyes etc) to it…afterwards i just pick the box (element at this time) and delete it and renamed the remaining objects back to their respectful names.

It’s really odd that u having these issues…we have like 11 characters all rigged with BF with no problem :frowning: maybe i could take a look at your meshes for you?

if so… plz pm me for email instructions.



Hello Guys…

One of the issues im noticing when trying to use our Tool is that your heads have the inner parts of the eye and Mouth modeled…our current version does not yet support this.

So plz try again but have these parts deleted from your meshes…the Zaxis is also a problem on the eyes…thats why u’re getting weird motion…Z axis must ALWAYS be facing Out…as if the character is looking straight at you.

this is explained in the help file as well

thx :slight_smile:


Hello Again…

Just wanted to post one more tip…

Please make sure your head polys have all its verts welded…this can sometimes cause problems with inverted jaw and eyes movements.

Also the Head must be Above the XY plane, so every vertex can have a Positive Z coordinate in World Coordinate System



You can find english documentation of BonyFace here


Domain was registered. There you can use paypal to buy bonyface.


BonyFace 2.0 is coming soon
What’s new:

  1. Fast adjustment of splines
  2. Loading, saving and viewing bonyface-animation files (*.bfa)
  3. Mixer of poses (up to 10 poses to mix)
  4. Importing poses and animations from one character to another.
  5. Improved bvh-layer algorithms (interactive setup, auto-linking, more than one marker per control, etc.)


This is freeware version for everybody. You can use it to create rig and skin, adjust parameters of the rig and animate control objects with standard tools of 3ds max without any limitations. Works in 3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

                                       Features of BonyFace Light:

    1. Automaticly creates scripted spline model based on algorithm of analysis performed on head model.
 2. Automaticly creates the bones and a system of control objects  (rigging) for 3D Poly Face, based on an editable model of scripted  splines.
 3. Automaticly adds a Skin modifier for the head (or modifies an  existing Skin modifier present) and adds bones of BonyFace-rig to  skeleton. Cat, Biped and Bones are supported.
 4. Automaticly creates rig and skin for tongue.
 5. Ability to rotate and stretch the lips.
 6. System of direct and soft control objects. There are 118 BonyFace-controls on a BonyFace Rig.
 7. Ability to adjust any settings of the rig very fast and easy through a very comprehensive UI.



help doc