hi!! to all ! well i need some good help maping this bonsai!
this is my first model whit maya so i am still all mix up but going on! =)

i use cinema 8 but now i am geting in maya!

so if u guys can help me please to map this bonsai!

please!!! and is a pine!

the white part is the wood dead! is a slanting style of bonsai! =)



please help me!? thks

any coment or help is always welcom =)


could you give us an idea how you are going about your modeling? i’m not very familar with C4D so i cant really suggest a method that is similar.

everyone has their own way of modeling but i would suggest starting with a polygonal cube (very little detail) and begin shaping it into the trunk. you could then begin adding detail and limbs by extruding faces and splitting polygons.

in the end i think you could use cylindrical uv mapping but i would concentrate cleaning up the geometry first. that all from me.

i’m out.


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