Bonnie & Clyde, Loïc e338 Zimmermann (2D)


Title: Bonnie & Clyde
Name: Loïc e338 Zimmermann
Country: USA
Software: Painter, Photoshop

personal work, started a while ago, and recently finished after a lot of changes. It was also a good way to work (and learn) on a few things I usually neglect,
Hope you’ll enjoy



Excellent work, i love it!


indeed, excellent work. Great colors that fit the topic perfectly. Also good dynamic in the whole piece though still quite decent. Like that.


Indeed, professional character detailing and overall artistic solutions. I especially love the coherence between the slightly caricatured couple and the background. Great brush effects, too.

One word for all, congratz’ for the front page! Well deserved. Good job. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Nice one. I love the pose and atmosphere you created with the colours.
You I don’t comment much on these forums but when something like this catches my eye I just have to stop by and give my praise. :bowdown:

The guy reminds me a bit of Spike from cowboy Bebop.


Amazing Style and Great Colors! :cool:


always great… but something bugs me about her right arm…love the style though


Yeah this painting is really good. Great composition.


great work!

This image works so well. Congratz!


What a piece of art! Love it :slight_smile:


Excellent character style, colours & composition as expected :bowdown:
I am unworthy of comment, but deeply inspired :beer:


Another master piece by you, i owe you a lot!


Great pieces !! je suis fan !!


As I said before, this is a very beautiful illustration Loïc, I love the stylized style, the warm colour palette and the textures. Great work :applause:


Excellent character piece! Quite expressive.


Excellent !
C’est beau, on dirait une Smart … :stuck_out_tongue:


Ça déboite !:thumbsup:


Thanks for the feedback, and the frontpage plugg !
I was surprised I confess, in a very good way.

Zen, thanks. Stay this way.

Katachi, thanks. Indeed, I didn’t wanna overdo the whole posing/dynamic, yet have some.

Zocsi, Thanks a lot. That balance/coherence between the characters and the background is something I’m trying to developp.

XeroWolf, ah, CowBoy bebop. I enjoyed that show some years ago. thanks a lot.

spkr9, thanks

bearfoot. Ah, that right arm eh :wink: Thx

dyb3k, MVDB, filda -> Thanks !

JuGGerNauTT, Glad to hear that this one inspired you.

SuperHero. thanks.

Largil, Merci bien :slight_smile:

Felideus, Thanks fella. Mutual respect yo !

RicoD, Kewl ! thanks

Papaninja, l’homme de toutes les frontpages. Ma main sur ta truffe :slight_smile:

Popol, premier rang depuis longtemps, merci :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the appreciation and feedback.
If you like my stuff, say so on my pro FB page :
Best way to stay tuned and all, y’know how that works :wink:

Cheers !


Nice, I love how they look like they’re on the run, like everyone else said well done on the colors, I like the reds and browns


Good work!