boning in seperate layers


Do the bones have to be in the same layer as the model. I thought that is the way it had to be, and the only way I could get the bones to work, but I also read in Dan Ablan’s book that the bones do not have to be in the same layer, you just have to specify in layout what layer they are in. I have tried that many times with no sucess. Can anyone help me out on this one. Thanks everyone


Yes, you can use the bones from one object and apply them to another. Setup your bones in layer one, then go to the layer you wish to use the same bones and click on the bones button at the bottom. Within the bones property panel, a little option at the top says “use bones from item” and select layer one. Or you can use two different objects or any assortment of layers.

I’ve also parented the second layer to the first. I often animate the object itself as opposed to the bones for translation and rotation so it is neccesary to parent the other layer to it in that circumstance.


that’s it. That will make things much easier. thanks :wavey:


great tip…I’m writing that one down:thumbsup:


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