bones, motion mixer and a tequila scream in a pear tree


hi guys and gals

just looking for a small bit of help if ye dont mind.

i have a simple scene with 1 character rigged and walkin with bones and keyframes. upon rendering it on one pc it coms up fine, but when i render it out split between 2 machines the bone movements are lost. i saved out the motions from mmixer to the network drive but still no joy.

am i doing something wrong? please help…


regards from cork, ireland




This might help…
Check and see if your LWSN shortcuts are all pointing to the correct content diretory. I had this problem last week because I run with both 6.5b and 7.5 on the same machine. Consequently, I didn’t change my orginal LWSN shortcuts to point to the new LWSN that came with 7.5.

If your on a PC, make sure when your run LWSN it says <Build 571> at the top. This way you know you are pointing to the correct LWSN’s.


thanks for the reply, but all what u said is fine and dandy. i can render fine over the 2 machines, but when i have bones and motion mixer it just doesnt work





is the motion mixer being saved to a “common” drive for the screamernet?

Can both machines see motion mixer files with the same path?


The manual says you have to “bake” the motions before you can use the scene over ScreamerNET. Save the baked scene out as a different name so you don’t ruin your motion mixer scene. Once the scene is baked you can remove the motion mixer plugin.



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