Bone with two children ?


Is there a way for a bone to have two children ?
What about a two sided bone, with the attaching end at both end vs. a base at one end ?
It seems to me that if something like this were possible, you could create a skeletal system that lays over your mesh. ( Like spidermans grid pattern )and drives it more easily than a complex system of constraints…
What about controlling the percentage of IK stiffness on a bone to where when you push a bone upwards on a chain, it would push its child bone ( above it ) only the set percentage ?
To me, this seems like it would be an EZ way to simulate the movement of skin with muscle underneath.

Sorry for the lame question . I’m new to bones … and constraints.


I think as long as the bone is under the “Parent” bone in the hierarchy and “Attatched to parent” is checked for those bones, then you can have as many children as you want.


Only one child bone can be “attached” to parent, as far as being an IK chain.But A bone can have many children.

If you are new to bones aand constraints, take the time to learn all you can do with the tools available now. Then you will be in a better position to see if your suggestion is a good one.
There is already a way to create a dynamic system between the points of the mesh to create sliding and jiggle in the skin. Dino Carl has posted examples of it here…but it would be getting the cart before the horse to try that technique until you are an advanced rigger.


Yes, but can the parent have children without boning ?

Oh no … sorry I couldn’t resist. :scream:

Thanks fo the info folks.
Looks like I’m in for a long period of learning.

( I was just hoping that there was a simpler approach to it all. It’s too much like trying to do math. :argh:


Just to start you off, if you want two bones attached base to base, apply a translate to constraint from one bone to the other


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