Bone symmetry


In autorig, there’s handle symmetry - handy for repurposing rigs for different characters. Is there something similar for ones own rigs? I’m working on a character, working iwth Messiah bones for the first time (nice). When its all said and done though, I’m going to want to use thsi rig for other characters, but I’m loathing the thought of adjusting left and right sides with all these bones… is there a faster way?


Can you just delete the bones on one side, adjust on the other and then mirror these bones back over? Oh, but there is that renaming issue, though … mmmm? … I believe it’s been mentioned to be able to replace R’s with L’s and such down the road.


You’re right, the easiest thing to do is set up one side, then mirror it. As for changing the names after mirroring, you can already do a Replace on selected items, so you can replace the “L_1” with “R”. Go to Setup–>Items–>Rename. This works if your bones are like this:


Upper_Arm_L_1 (a copy)
Lower_Arm_L_1 (a copy)

Select all of the L_1 items, then set Replace to “Selected Items” then just replace: L_1
With: R

The method only works if you’ve named the bones, otherwise the copies won’t all end in 1, they will be 2, 3, 4, etc. and you can’t replace wildcards.



I take it then, that their is no realtime symmetry mode as in Lightwave 8. Pity. Seems odd given that it exists in Autorig, but nowhere else in the proggie. Mirroring is a workaround, but I was hoping not to have to delete anything with the new characters - just shift and adjust - again… a la autorig.

A possible feature request?


That’s realy bad.
There must be a plugin for that.
Or must be done for the next version of messiah.


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