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Well, Being a Bond fanatic, this is one true heroe us brits can admire as a true british spy agent. So, did it deliver. Too right, this was as good as bond gets for me. Great gag lines, and great action sequences. The girls and villians this time just rocked! The gadgets were great (good job John in replacing Q) and the effects team - the practical one did a great job, thanks to the BBC for all the great making stuff they are putting on telly at the mo. As for the cg stuff, well some of it was just terrible and should never have been allowed e.g. the surfing on icy water bit. Anyway, the story was great and I want Pierce Brsonan to last forever. All round great job except for some cg stuff, and madonnas song which just didn’t fit in!

What did you all think!


Zao was a great secondary villain, probably the best of the Brosnan baddies. I always look forward to the title sequences, and this one was alright, it just didn’t seem as innovative or original as ones in the past. The part where the fire and ice hands were lifting him up was great though.

The Madonna song was horrible, but the rest of the movie made up for it.

The Moneypenny scene was the best part.


I actually liked the madonna song and the title sequence a lot. Great job from Framestore as always.

This was the best pierce brosnan bond movie imho.


blech…the movie was good if you turned your brain off…it just seemed to me that EVERYTHING in that movie was insulated with C4. Why did the pillbox explode when the hovercraft slammed into it? I sure as hell hope the US army doesnt have pillboxes like that…And what was up with the depleted uranium handheld weapon not having any recoil? I want one of those please. Anyhow the rest of the effects were pretty good…except for some of the compositing. Ill give it a 2 out of 5.


of course you have to turn your brain off :smiley:

its a bond movie for gods sake man , they jump outta plane with a friggin helicopter and you are questioning the pillbox explosions :smiley:




I thought the title sequence was great. The movie itself was just perfectly wacky, too I thought. Just enough surfing and lasers to fulfill me, but not too much of any one thing to make it downright stupid. I liked it.


Goldeneye was the last real “James Bond” movie… great thriller with good action. The last two were just all action with nothing for a story. Look at Tomorrow Never Dies, the bad guy was a Bill Gates with a spy boat. :thumbsdow I hope that this one is more like Goldeneye, but really I am not expecting much.


Array, when DID you turn your brain on for a Bond movie?
Its Spy cheese and its cool…
I liked the ICE girls…the Fire girls I wasn’t too hot for…
get it hot…HAHAHAHA…ah… cough


i dunno… i am a huge bond fan… however… this one just didn’t seem to cut it… it didn’t seem in the same spirit of the otehr bond movies… not hte right kinda class… sorta… i dunno… i liked it… but not as much as the others… if your gonna see it, def see it on the big screen as with most action movies… :bounce:


I myself am a casual fan of james bond, and i understand that this is an action movie so very extreme unbelievable things may occur, but damn this movie was just plain lame.

not to be a person to call a movie complete crap without a few things to back it up, ill go ahead and point a few overly obvious things that im sure everyone noticed pushed this movie wwwaaaayyyy out of the relm of a good action movie and wwwaaaayyyy in to the realm of stupidity that has only been accomplished by good 'ol Vin deisel in xXx.

  1. horrible compositing. I mean in the credits i expected it to say, “Visual Effects - Ms. Jones 4th grade class”. The entire scene with bond hijacking the rocket sled thing and hanging off the ledge into his horrible surfing display, and then a big yellow tinted airplane flying over his head. That scene alone ruined half the movie for me. Next up is the display event for the icuris sat thingy. What the hell did they do there? Just saturate the entire scene, and then brighten the hell out of it. There were no shadows or anything, how crappy can you get?

  2. Horrible acting. Halle Berry cannot act, plain and simple, neither could half of the damn cast in this movie. Frost, the CIA guy, and maddonna were also equally bad.

  3. Introduction of multiple new characters without any explanations and the up and coming additions to spin-off Bond movies starring horribly weak characters such as Halle “Jinx” Berry. We all know the quickest way to kill a series is flood it with new characters and add spin-offs. These are Bond movies, all emphasis should be on bond at all time, this is what made the series great in the first place, take that away, like they did in this movie and you lose what made it great.

  4. Now onto the xXx style scenes that makes anyone with an IQ of over 30 say “THAT COULDNT EVEN HAPPEN IN ACTION MOVIE PHYSICS”. Like the pillbox exploding with no reason, non kicking weapons, helecopter not being ripped into a 1000000 peices when it fell out of the plane, it being able to come to a complete recovery in less than 3 seconds, them only shooting ONE DAMN missle at the satellite, the cars being stuck face down in the ground with no damage after falling thousands of feet, the main bad guy being able to hold on on the outside of the airplane with a parashoot open going hundreds of miles per hour and not having his arms ripped off, etc. ect. etc.
    My god this list could go on for hours, but i think you get the point.

  5. What the hell was the plot of this movie? I still cant quite figure it out. In the fist 40 mins of the movie i was like “Damn they might actually make this into a decent movie”, but then it all went downhill very fast. OK, they killed off the entire “James Bond trying to prove himself to get back in” plot by just waltzing back in for no apparent reason. Then there is the little business of the satellite, ok so lets just take goldeneyes plot and insert new names into it, that was easy, now lets add 50 new characters, easy enough, now lets drop the realism level by 75%, there you have it another Bond movie. The bad guy wasting his weapon on mass destruction blowing up little land mines intead of actually hitting key targets, the US only launching ONE DAMN missle to stop it, the revelation of frost having ties to the bad guy just being mentioned wwwaaaayyyy after you would even care anymore, Halle berrys character even existing, their attempt to take all focus off of james bond in a james bond movie, the bad guys “Power Ranger” suit having the button to shock the piss out of him while hes wearing it wwwaaaayyyy out in the open right dead on his chest, etc. etc.etc.
    This list could go on for hours as well, it was really just THAT BAD.

6)Madonnas theme song made me want to cut off my ears and jab a pen into my eardrums so that i would not have to endure the pain of listening to that theme any longer. She should be banned from ever recording another song again.

All of these complaints are coming from a guy that thinks ARNOLD movies are flawless, thats how bad this bond movie actually is. The insanly lame events taking place in this movie are not even acceptable for an action film.

1/2 star out of five at best.


First let me say that I loooove movies, but I can’t help but notice that the quality of visual effects in the motion picture industry has steadily declined over the past several years. We eliminated compositing lines when we stopped using optical compositing, but when you see thick white lines around James Bond in an (I’m assuming) $100-million picture, what does this say? In films like the Mummy Returns, the scorpion king doesn’t even resemble the Rock. In SW Ep 2 much of the animation and compositing is off. This is the illustrious ILM for god’s sake! What is going on?!

In the case of ILM, I simply believe they over-extended their talent, which resulted in poor effects in Ep2. LOTR and Harry Potter films are coming out every year, (and they are done very well), but it says to me that this business is becomming TOO fast… fast to the point where quality may be sacrificed for an earlier release date, or other business reasons. It seems that effects houses and production studios are in a race to the bottom, cranking out as much as they can, as cheap as they can, with just enough quality to make them acceptable to the majority of viewers.

We’ve already seen how the quality of our movies’ plots have been eroded away by writer’s strikes and the pop-culture mentality. Notice that every movie that came out this year was either a sequel or a remake. We all know sequels suck, period. Austin Powers 3, Men in Black 2, Star Trek 10, Friday 3, Blade 2, Scorpion King, Jason X, Stuart Little 2, Spy Kids 2, Red Dragon, Bond (23?)… need I go on???

Product placement and recording contracts now dictate the story. Would Madonna have been in this Bond movie if not for her Cher-like “contribution” to the soundtrack? Would Liv Tyler had a role in Armageddon if Aerosmith didn’t write all it’s songs? I watched an entire scene in Bad Boys where Will Smith asks Martin Lawrence 1…2…3 times if he wants a friggin’ Coke©™!!! This had nothing to do with the story, its just an advertisement for Coke©™!

Whenever you watch DVD special features, you see all this research they did to make the CGI as real as possible. Well, the days of Jurassic Park are over and done with. Now its all about making it good, but making it fast is better. What these studios are doing might make good business sense, but when the effects destroy the fantasy, our movie-going experience is gone.


lol bansheeboyb!!
i think you just saved me the cost of a movie ticket. It looks like I would spend most of my time shouting at the screen “you can’t do that!”


I have to say I enjoyed the movie as a whole. I especially liked the title sequence. It was a highlight for me. The Hot/cold motif was excellent.

I thought the song was pretty good as well.

My favorite scene was the swordfight… John Cleese stole the show as Q, and Moneypenny’s getting too old, but the little scene at the end with her was hilarious.

The surfing scene at the end had me thinking it was a bit much, but it was all in good fun. You can’t have Bond without the ridiculously unreal anyway. We all know the americans would NEVER fire just a single missle at once at a target like the Icarus. :wink:


Yeah OK it’s ridiculous, but then come on guys, what other series could survive 20 films for chrissakes? Dr. NoFrom Russia With Love, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice were excellent films (OK not going to win an oscar but still), after that of course it went downhill, and by the time Roger Moore took the helm…


Cmon roger moore was good. He brought humour to the series. Thats why timothy dalton could not keep up because people had got used to the roger moore bond humour.


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Is it a new fad to resurrect 2-year old threads? Where do you people come out with whats cool and whats not!?!?!? Where do I find out? I might wanna resurrect the first post ever in :wink:


i think it’s the whole “similar threads” section down at the bottom of threads now. i don’t remember seeing it before they made the switch to this new forum setup. somebody probably said the word “bond” in a thread, like the new threads stating bana and bloom as bond candidates and this thread was mentioned as a related thread even though it’s extremely old and tired. just a guess, but i doubt anybody is digging for useless threads from nearly 2 years ago just for fun.


Aaahhh yesss! I have really been confused by the number of ancient threads popping up again recently, but didn’t make the connection between that and the Similar Threads. That definitely explains it :slight_smile: