Bond, James Bond?


Hi all long time not posting stuff, here we go for the new year.

everything is wip, but the modeling is soon done. The eyelash are crap for now, I will redo them of course and the cloth are just basic one for now.

More to come soon

Happy new year everybody


The ears looked somewhat big right away but after scouring google i noticed they just look a tad big because he has no hair :smiley:

Top notch work bigguns! waiting for the SSS and the texturing to continue!


here’s some screen cap in zbrush :slight_smile:

I modified the ears and added details to them, more details in the eyes,etc etc


here’s an update,

I updated the eyes, made completely new one with a new texture wich I add some touch up by hand in photoshop to match more Craig’s eyes ( more tweak to come in this) and tweaked some more the modeling of the face and eyes surronding.


Amazing work, Luc! I must say that it’s super inspiring to see you being able to squeeze even more likeness out of him! His new more staring look really gives him the soul of Craig! I’m really keen on seeing more updates!


Thank’s man :slight_smile:

Took a break of it for a week…

I did started the texturing process, at least only the diffuse for now. I would say it’s half way done, 50%, I need to tweak a lot more the eyes region( need to install mudbox to paint on the model… in photoshop it’s hard to place things where you want them,especially around the eyes!..) I need also to add lots of small details like black point,acnea,irritations etc. etc…

I’m struggling a bit with his true skin color and eyes color… look different on each pics lol. And for his skin, I feel like they used some tan solution on him for Casino, to gave him a nice golden tan, but I’m not sure his true skin color is that yellow… on other pics look more normal skin tone… anyone knows the answer?

The lacrymal gland will be redone, it’s still the old fugly one, and I added quickly a liquid around the eyes, it will be better redone too, even the eyes socket is not finished, do not fit perfectly the eyes etc, I will do that later,etc.

So my base scene is in Vray, but I did a quick convertion over Mentalray to compare with Vray and it look quite good… but so much details wiped out cause of that crappy lightmap… can’t wait for the next sss2, it will be light mp free and layerable, so I will be able to build it as I want :stuck_out_tongue: let’s say 2 layers of reflection (no spec…) will have control over the reflection bump etc…

And in the light of some test render with the diffuse texture, I will have to redo a pass over sculpt for some details to come out more,etc,

By the way, antialiasing is very low on these test, ti’s why the eyelash suck, and the shader on them suck too lol . I will use pt-hair in a near futur to test it out…
I will post later some Vray render.


I can’t tell if it’s a real person or not. :thumbsup:


I don’t usually comment on character work like this because I find CG humans quite boring, but I’m pleasantly surprised by this thread because the likeness you’ve achieved is very good.

I think your skin texture may be a little too saturated, but then I’m not familiar with your renderer; in my own experience with Renderman and other renderers, we’ve generally had more desaturated diffuse maps and then used SSS to introduce the blood (ie red) colouring to the skin.


Hey thank’s Leigh * I’m glad you like it,
Yeah I’m struggling to find his true skin color, on Casino Royale his skin look a lot orange ( I guess they put some tan lotion to him) and in other pics he look more pinky, more normal so… Yes I will desature it a bit and make it a little more pinky.

Thank’s mister3d :slight_smile: glad you like it


You know what, I think you deserve WIP of the Week for this.


First of all. Great work. Looking forward to see it finished.

As for skin colour reference, maybe you should check out some paparazzi or red carpet shots. Artists who do grading and make up get paid for a reason, don’t trust the final result. Google teal and orange.

Keep it up!


Hey WOW thank you Leight :smiley: It’s motivating me to finish it :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work, keep it up


Wow, that’s damn filthy! For me, I still think the skin is slightly too shiny in parts. As well, from looking at some extreme sized photos of Craig, there is some random redness that comes through on his cheeks around his nose and the middle of his forehead. He also has his largest pores on his cheeks. Nevertheless, I hope the hair gets the same TLC as the face and skin and this will be redonkulous.
Here’s a couple of the photos I was checking out:
I tried to look at ones with the least amount of makeup which wasn’t easy. :\


For sure this portrait will be great!! keep in up !!
The modeling is just amazing, in term of details and respect of the original character .
For now the next challenge will be the hair and fur pass … can’t wait to see the evolution ! :beer:


terrible, il ressemble vraiment a Yul Brynner :wink:


Interesting thread. looking forward how you complete the whole image.

here is my mad question…:stuck_out_tongue:

What type of Brushes you used for details of pores and skin roughness in Zbrush or you use a mask of picture using spotlight.
(not a regular guy in Zbrush.)


Stunning work, well deserved header.


great !! is it possible you show us the texture maps you used. I’m currently learning the whole SSS thing and I’m realy curious about your maps.

will follow with interest



Very amazing work Luc! This inspiring me!
Could you say me some technical process?
How sculpt the details? Do you use skin stamp, stencil? paint every skin wrinkles? paint every blackhead by hand or?
Texture are paint in Mudbox? Mari? ZBrush?
I red you use Vray for render, in Maya or in Max?
Do you use displacement map or you render the original detailed mesh?